Why Does Pain Appear in Lower Abdomen with Thrush?


Candida fungi are a natural part of the vaginal microflora. Excessive growth of the colony causes painful changes in the mucous membranes. If the lower abdomen hurts when you have thrush, you should find out the original cause. In addition to yeast-like microbes, discomfort below the navel in the pelvic region occurs when bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis and other infections. In any case, the discomfort and discharge should be a cause for woman’s anxiety about her health.

Thrush Is not an Obvious Cause of Lower Abdominal Pain

Symptoms of any ailments are known to medical science, are listed in thematic directories. Diseases of the female intimate sphere, premenstrual syndrome and other conditions of the genital organs are often associated with pain in the lower abdomen. Simultaneously, the lower back aches, there are sharp tingling in the side. Such signs are common, they require specification, “binding” to certain diseases.

Possible causes of lower abdominal pain and vaginal discharge:

acute pain in lower abdomen with thrush
  1. dysfunctional uterine bleeding;
  2. human papillomavirus infection;
  3. premenstrual syndrome;
  4. ectopic pregnancy;
  5. bacterial vaginosis;
  6. yeast infection;
  7. urinary incontinence;
  8. cervical cancer;
  9. urethritis.

You must see a doctor to determine the true cause of the condition in which a woman has pain below the navel.

Inflammatory processes can occur simultaneously in the organs of the urogenital system, the digestive tract. It is possible that inflammation is caused by the activity of a fungal infection. However, gynecologists do not consider pain in thrush in the lower abdomen a typical symptom of candidiasis. Among the reasons doctors list cervical erosion, acute or chronic endometritis, endocrine disruption in the ovaries. These diseases of the genital area remain after the treatment of thrush, so the discomfort persists, the pain will continue to bother.

Why Does Thrush in the Lower Abdomen Occur During Thrush?

Doctors warn that yeast infection complicates sex life. The ban on sexual contact is valid during the treatment of thrush. Not everyone keeps taboos, as a result they feel pain during intercourse. The epithelium of the vagina in advanced cases is covered with erosion, small ulcers, their injuries cause discomfort.

Initial symptoms of thrush:

sharp pain in lower abdomen with thrush
  1. whitish-gray or mucous lumps on linen;
  2. an increase in vaginal discharge with smell;
  3. pain during sexual intercourse;
  4. itching and unpleasant smell of genital lips

A woman feels that she pulls the lower abdomen during thrush during sex. Irritation of the vaginal epithelium leads to the appearance of unpleasant sensations during the immediate vicinity. Less secretion is produced, and without natural lubrication, the movements of the sexual partner cause discomfort and pain. The state lasts a short time, passes through a short time.

Why does the lower abdomen with thrush hurt those women who follow the recommendations of the gynecologist, avoid sexual contact during the treatment period? Painful sensations may appear during urination due to the fact that urine irritates the ulcerated mucosa. Yeast infection is usually not limited to the development in the vaginal epithelium, extends to the urinary tract.


Yeast-like fungi Candida are members of the natural microflora of the vaginal area. Unlimited growth of the colony in normal conditions is restrained by lactobacilli. However, lactic bacteria cannot work effectively with microflora imbalance, pH shifts, hormonal disturbances. Excessive growth of a yeast infection causes thrush, but symptoms quickly disappear in the first days of adequate therapy.

If there is a recurrence of candidiasis, or the symptoms do not go away after treatment, then the reason may be in the infection with another type of fungus of the Candida genus.

Causes of imbalance microflora vagina:

strong pain in lower abdomen with thrush
  • antibiotic treatment that reduces the number of lactobacilli;
  • hormonal changes due to the menstrual cycle;
  • lack of quality rest and sleep;
  • weak immunity;
  • diabetes;
  • pregnancy;
  • stress.

If the patient is worried about pain in thrush in the lower abdomen, then the doctor prescribes treatment in accordance with the severity of symptoms and complications of candidiasis. Usually the gynecologist recommends the use of antifungal ointments, vaginal tablets or suppositories. The names of drugs: “Diflucan”, “Clotrimazole”, “Klion-D”.

Natural remedies for the treatment of thrush at home offers traditional medicine: kefir for oral administration and insertion into the vagina, tea tree oil, an aqueous solution of apple cider vinegar. To avoid microflora imbalance, the diet should be improved; you need to take supplements with lactobacilli, wash clothes in hot water 60–90 ° C, regularly change the means for intimate hygiene.

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