Why Does Candida Colpitis Appear?


Yeast-like fungi belonging to the genus candida are part of the natural microflora of the female body. They do not cause the development of diseases when the immune status provides protection in full.

Chronic diseases, hormonal disorders can cause a decrease in immunity. In this case, the fungal microflora from the conditionally pathogenic becomes a dangerous infection. Activation of fungal pathogens provokes the development of candidal obstruction, It can violate not only the comfort of life, but also cause dangerous complications and consequences.

The Reasons of Appearance

In the pathogenesis of colpitis development, the main role is assigned to the fungal microorganism of the genus candida, albicans species. Pathological process in 90% of all cases occurs due to its increased activity. Factors that provoke the development of colpitis mycotica etiology:

candida colpitis causes
  1. Diseases that cause inhibition of beneficial microflora of the stomach and intestines, or are the cause of hormonal imbalance.
  2. Imperfect immune system (most often in girls or in the elderly).
  3. Long-term and rash reception of pharmacological agents based on hormones, or drugs with antibacterial action.
  4. Disturbance of a psycho emotional state, as a result of a stress, or frequent depressions.
  5. The period when a woman bears a child, or when the baby is nursing with breast milk.
  6. The rehabilitation period after surgery, abortion.
  7. Violation of cyclical menstruation, the use of poor quality products intimate hygiene.
  8. Prolonged use of anti-pregnancy drugs (oral contraceptives, vaginal suppositories).
  9. The use of modern diets that limit the intake of essential vitamins and beneficial trace elements.
  10. Excessive enthusiasm for alcoholic beverages, the lack of proper mode of eating food during the day.
  11. Uncontrolled sex life, with the absence of measures of barrier contraception.

In some cases, it is not possible to identify the exact cause of the imbalance of microflora in the body.

Is there a Danger of Infection During Sexual Intercourse?

The probability of infection in a household way appears in cases when intimate hygiene is not observed. This is facilitated by the use of someone else’s towels, underwear and other items for personal use.

candida colpitis help

Sexual transmission causes controversy in the scientific community. Some medical specialists do not exclude the process of infection as a result of intimacy. Another part of the attending physicians are of the opinion that the development of candidal vaginitis is due only to endogenous causes.

But this raises the question of the advisability of prescribing treatment to both sexual partners. Therefore, to exclude the way of transmission as a result of sexual contact is unacceptable. This is especially dangerous when the disease is in the acute phase.

Features of the Clinical Picture

Symptoms of candida colpitis with the development of the acute phase of the process are pronounced. They appear as follows:

candida colpitis treatment
  1. Discomfort in the form of pulling pains appears with a pronounced feeling of itching lips, burning and cramps in the genital area.
  2. On the skin of the labia, there appear small eruptions of red or flesh-colored.
  3. Urine excretion becomes frequent and painful. Sometimes there are false urges.
  4. The mucous membranes of the genital organs become dry, touching them is accompanied by an increased feeling of pain. Symptoms of candida colpitis
  5. Vaginal discharge is thick and rich. They may resemble curd mass or flakes. Because of this, white deposit can accumulate on the genital lips.
  6. The surface of the mucous membranes in the intimate area is covered with white films. Attempting to remove them causes a wound surface that can cause small sores.

In addition to the main signs of candida colpitis, the pathological process is accompanied by concomitant (background) symptoms. With its development it is noted:

  1. general breakdown;
  2. temperature increase to subfebrile numbers (37 degrees);
  3. nagging pain in the lumbar region, or spastic lower abdomen;
  4. discomfort after and during intercourse;
  5. disturbances of psycho-emotional state can lead to gratuitous mood swings, because of which a woman becomes capricious and often cries.

It is important, as soon as possible to go to the hospital for help, as there is a high risk of the disease becoming chronic.

Complications and Long-Term Effects

This disease is not a fatal pathology. But the lack of an adequate treatment process can lead to the development of negative consequences. They can cause a violation of the comfort of life. Most often the following conditions can occur:

  1. the process of inflammation can move to the cervix, fallopian tubes, appendages; cycle recurrence is disturbed;
  2. there is a risk of not being able to conceive a child;
  3. organs of the urethral tract are affected (cystitis or inflammation of the ureters);
  4. when a newborn passes through the birth canal during delivery, its infection occurs;
  5. scratching caused by itching causes a wound surface and cracks, which promotes the penetration of a bacterial infection.

Thrush (the second name of colpitis) has a tendency to rapid progression, which causes the danger of the pathological process becoming chronic.

Therefore, ignoring the presence of the first signs is unacceptable. A timely appeal to the gynecologist will eliminate this pathology, preventing the development of undesirable consequences.

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