Why Do Women May Have a Discharges with the Smell?


Vaginal discharge or leucorrhea in the normal state are found in every woman, except that they differ in their number and consistency. Bleach has no peculiar smell, has a whitish tint or is completely transparent.

The Main Causes of Unpleasant Odor Discharge

Discharge with an unpleasant odor in women is observed in a pathological condition, therefore, when they appear, it is recommended to immediately consult a doctor. In addition, they can change their color, as well as accompanied by itching, burning and red spots on skin of the genitals. Such changes may indicate a violation of the vaginal microflora, gynecological disease or abnormalities of the internal organs.

As mentioned above, physiological secretions are odorless, and when an infectious agent enters the body, their color changes accordingly, a sour smell appears, sometimes with a rotten shade.

Depending on the infection, the aroma may be weak, and in some cases so strong that even those around it may feel it. After carrying out hygienic procedures, it may completely disappear or weaken slightly, but over time it grows with a new force.

Any abnormality is a sign of gynecological disease of viral, fungal or bacterial origin. Further, in more detail about the various secretions and diseases leading to them.


discharges with fishy smell in women

White discharge with odor is found in women suffering from candidiasis. This is the number one pathology among gynecological problems. On a consistency they are similar to cottage cheese, sometimes can form a film. Along with this, swelling of the genital lips, severe itching and redness of the skin are almost always observed. If the bacterial component joins, an unpleasant fishy smell appears.

For further treatment, it is necessary to determine the pathogen by taking a smear from the vagina. To date, there are a lot of antifungal drugs, coping well with fungi of the genus Candida. In case of primary infection, it is possible to manage with external means, in case of relapse, taking systemic drugs is recommended, in chronic forms only complex treatment, including ointments, tablets, suppositories and a number of preventive measures.


Pink or pale pink color of secretions indicates that the inflammatory process is actively developing, the mucous membrane of the vagina or the cervix is ​​injured, as well as lesions of the endometrium.

The presence of certain microorganisms leads to staining of whiter in that color, namely: chlamydia, ureaplasma, mycoplasma, trichomonads and yeast fungi. Infection occurs through contact, that is, in most cases during unprotected sexual intercourse.

And also if a woman has not started another menstruation, and scarce pink discharge is present, then you can suspect the threat of miscarriage, ectopic or missed abortion.


white discharges with fishy smell in women

Yellow discharge with the smell of women are observed in infectious and inflammatory processes. Such formations suggest the following diagnoses: inflammation of the appendages, vaginitis of bacterial origin, inflammation of the vaginal mucosa and salpingitis.

If the disease is not treated, then the following symptoms join: itching, burning, redness of the labia and mucous membranes, during the period of menstrual bleeding and during sexual intercourse painful sensations are present.

When trichomoniasis whites are painted in yellow or yellow-green hue, the unpleasant smell of rotten fish is added. The genitals and vaginal mucosa are hyperemic, constant itching and pain during intercourse.

If there is a purulent component in the discharge, then the woman most likely has chlamydia. The patient experiences severe itching in the vagina, burning in the urethra and pain during sexual contact.

With gonorrhea, the color of whiter approaches green, with a very unpleasant and specific aroma. Additionally, there is a burning sensation in the vagina and itching during urination.


yellow discharges with fishy smell in women

Transparent discharge with the smell of women indicate the presence of a pathogen in the vagina, and that it began to actively multiply. If itching, painful urination, soreness and burning sensation in the vagina joins all this, then it is necessary to urgently go to an appointment with a gynecologist.

Transparent leucorrhoea with a feeling of itching can be a sign of chlamydia or other diseases, infection of which occurs during unprotected intercourse.


A whiter green character indicates that the inflammatory process has spread to the urethra. Excessive leukocyte production leads to staining of secretions in that color.

Erosion on the cervix has a similar clinical picture. The specific aroma of rotten fish occurs in violation of the vaginal microflora, but does not exclude such diagnoses as trichomoniasis and gonorrhea.

Purulent cervicitis is accompanied by an increase in the amount of discharge after bowel emptying, as well as a change in their consistency and quantity. In addition to a large number of unpleasant clots from the vagina, the inflammatory process in the body leads to:

  • chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • painful sensations, and sometimes cramps in the lower abdomen;
  • partial loss of performance;
  • increase in body temperature;
  • weaknesses.

The labia and the unpleasant smell are also very often so persistent that it is difficult to “strangle” it even with the most powerful personal hygiene products with fragrances.


When an infection penetrates into the woman’s body, and as a result, an active inflammation center is formed, then the leucorrhoea becomes gray. Discharge with the smell of women in most cases can be observed with thrush, while they become quite thick and viscous, with the aroma of yogurt. Candidiasis does not come on its own, itching, burning and discomfort in the vagina are necessarily present.


Unfortunately, not all of the fair sex follow the basic rules of intimate hygiene, as a result of encountering itching, burning, redness and brown secretions. Due to infrequent water procedures, the pH of the vagina changes, and the environment becomes favorable for the growth of pathogenic flora. In some patients, this whiter color occurs before menstruation or hormonal changes in the body.

Bright brown color with painful sensations in the abdomen can talk about ectopic pregnancy, and if you do not go to the doctor in time, it can lead to unpleasant consequences, heavy bleeding and even infertility.

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