Why Do White Plaque Appear on the Genital Lips?


The appearance in the folds of the skin can be the observation of perfectly healthy women. In this there is nothing manifest, there are no discomfort outside and inside. With the appearance of concomitant manifestations – peeling, rashes, itching, vaginal discharge with smell, pain in the lower abdomen, fever – it is necessary to take into account fungal and venereal diseases.

Causes of Cheesy Plaque

A white coating on the genital lips may appear:

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  • when the vaginal flora changes;
  • hormonal disruptions in the body;
  • with a lack of vitamins, minerals;
  • malnutrition;
  • with insufficient hygiene of the genitals;
  • with improper use of sanitary pads, tampons;
  • if you are allergic to underwear, means for intimate hygiene;
  • in inflammatory or infectious diseases of the genitourinary system.

When the appearance of a white layer in the folds is not associated with any diseases, it should not cause penetration into panic, because it creates obstacles to the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms.

It needs the body to prevent inflammatory diseases, while in men, in women and in women.

Discharge in Girls

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There is an opinion that girls should not have discharge – this is wrong, because the sebaceous gland works at different ages. If you want newborn girls to see that there is no need to panic on the labia, this creates protection for the body. White discharge should be gently vegetal moistened with sterile vegetable oil or petroleum jelly. If you cannot clean the baby’s skin by yourself, you should visit the pediatric gynecologist; there are such doctors in the children’s clinic.

White discharge may be in girls with active puberty in adolescence. This is usually due to the fact that the girl will soon begin monthly. At this time, there are complex morphological changes in the reproductive system, the work of the endocrine glands and sebaceous glands, so there is no anxiety. It is necessary to follow the rules of intimate hygiene.

Abnormal White Discharge on the Labia

A white cheesy carrier in the vagina and in the region of the small and large labia may appear with thrush. This is a fungal infection of the skin and mucous membranes, in which the discharge of a whitish opaque color is a characteristic symptom. Thrush causes a candida fungus that lives on human skin. With various favorable factors, the fungus begins to multiply actively, which leads to the inflammatory process of the reproductive system: to vaginitis and vulvovaginitis.

Causes of vaginal candidiasis:

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  • General infection of the body;
  • Concomitant infections of the genital tract;
  • Indiscriminateness when choosing a sexual partner;
  • Long-term use of hormones or antibiotics;
  • Metabolic disorders, constipation;
  • Decreased body defenses;
  • Avitaminosis;
  • Stressful situations;
  • Diabetes;
  • Hormonal changes in the body.

White deposit on the genital lips with candida inflammation is accompanied by severe itching, especially at night, with a cavity of the lips, abundant vaginal secretions of the curd-like structure of a white opaque color. Small and large labia, formed by red, educated and combed surfaces. With frequent relapses of candidiasis, the symptoms may be different: the vagina becomes dry, the mucous membrane atrophies, pain occurs during intercourse. Also, women may experience lesions of the affected skin.

To clarify the diagnosis of candidiasis are used not only common signs, but also additional laboratory tests:

  1. Vaginal and urethral smears are examined under a microscope;
  2. bakposev secretions on a nutrient medium;
  3. luminescent examination;
  4. histological;
  5. blood test.

The World Health Organization allows you to accurately establish the diagnosis of candidiasis in the presence of four main symptoms: itching, granular discharge, local inflammation of the external genital organs, the presence of a fungal spore in a smear. For the treatment of thrush are used antifungal agents for local treatment – it is ointment, creams, vaginal tablets, suppositories. Along with this, preparations against general fungus, means for strengthening the immune system are used.

The disappearance of white plaque does not always indicate a complete cure, therefore, after the course, it is necessary to re-apply smears for analysis to reliably ensure complete cure.

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