Why Do Red Spots Appear in the Groin?


Red spots in the groin is a fairly common problem that occurs in both men and women. They can be a symptom of various diseases – erythrasma, athlete’s disease, candidiasis, allergies, etc. Redness sometimes is accompanied by itching, burning, scaling, and painful sensations. Such symptoms indicate the presence of a fungal infection or an allergic reaction, which are perfectly treatable at an early stage.

Causes of Appearance of Red Spots in the Groin of Men

In men, the most common diseases that are manifested by redness in the groin area are:

  •    Epidermofitiya in the groin;
  •    Rubrofitia;
  •    Erythrasma

At risk of men aged 20-45 years, suffering from obesity and excessive sweating. Also at risk professions associated with elevated temperatures – hot shops and mines.


Epidermophyton called fungal nature, which mainly affects the skin of large folds, including the inguinal region. Inguinal athlete’s disease in men is manifested by flaky round-shaped spots of reddish or pink color. Foci of fungal infections can be located not only in the area of ​​the inguinal folds, but also in the interyagodic folds, on the scrotum, the inner surface of the thigh, the scrotum. Spots have a diameter of 0.5-1 cm, but in severe cases they can reach 10 cm. The foci of infection sometimes spread to the pubic zone and armpits. Pathogens of athlete’s athlete’s groin can be transmitted during sexual intercourse, as well as through common washcloths, towels and other hygiene items.

As a rule, the course of infection takes a protracted nature, often after treatment there are relapses. To clarify the diagnosis in specialized laboratories take scrapings from the affected areas and examine the material for the detection of fungi. To establish the exact form of the fungus, bacteriological seeding of the material is carried out.


Erythrasma inguinal is also a fungal disease, but it is less contagious compared to athlete’s disease. The development of the disease is associated with metabolic features. Risk factors are excessive sweating and non-compliance with hygiene rules. Erythrasma is accompanied by the formation of patches of brownish or brick-red color in the groin, armpits, on the abdomen near the navel, in the perianal area. In women, erythrasma spots may appear under the mammary glands.

Red spots in the groin of men are also found in other diseases, including venereal diseases. For example, in secondary syphilis, small red spots and nodules appear in different parts of the body (on the back, inguinal folds, on the stomach, etc.). They may be accompanied by itching, and spontaneously disappear with time. For the diagnosis of syphilis, mainly serological methods are used, in which specific antibodies to pale treponema (the causative agent of syphilitic infection) are detected in the blood.

Photo of Red Spots in the Groin

Causes of Appearance Red Spots in the Groin of Women

In women, red spots in the groin area can be a symptom of the following diseases:

  1.    thrush (candidiasis);
  2.    allergies;
  3.    hormonal disorders.

The most commonly diagnosed thrush and allergic reaction, less often the cause may lie in venereal diseases.


Thrush is an inflammatory disease of the genital organs, the causative agent of which is yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida. Usually, thrush is characterized by vulvovaginitis, but if immunity is impaired, inflammation can spread to the inguinal folds and the perianal area. The spots in this disease have a bright pink color, sometimes accompanied by itching. The rash is usually dry, may flake slightly. Diagnostics is based on microscopic detection of fungal cells and pseudomycelium in clinical material.

Allergic Reaction

Allergies are a very common cause of red spots in the groin of women. It can develop as a result of using sanitary pads, wearing synthetic underwear. Some people are allergic to latex, which is part of barrier contraceptives. A very common allergic reaction to condoms and their lubrication. Also, the reason may be covered in personal care products (shower gel, soap, and even a washcloth).

Hormonal disorders

Changes in hormonal levels in women are associated with pregnancy, the onset of menopause. One of the manifestations of hormonal failure can be brown spots of pink-brown color, which are localized in the groin, on the face and in other areas. In addition, for many women, redness in the inguinal folds results from depilation with a razor or epilator.

Both women and men in the groin area may experience diaper rash. They often show soreness and wet red spots. Especially diaper rash is typical for people who are overweight.

It is clear that the treatment of red spots in the groin begin after establishing the causes of their appearance. For the treatment of fungal diseases, local and systemic antifungal drugs are used. If the spots are a symptom of an allergy, use antihistamines and exclude contact with the allergen. Diaper rash is treated with the help of baby cream and various powders (talc, starch).

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