What Is Candida Vulvitis and Why Does It Appear?


Part of the intestinal microflora, genital organs, gastrointestinal tract are conditionally pathogenic yeast fungi. Their number is controlled by the body, and until a certain pore, they do not cause pathological processes. In the case of a decrease in the functionality of the body’s immune defense, fungal microflora is activated, which leads to the appearance of candida vulvitis.

This happens more often in childhood, since immunity in children has not yet received a definitive development. Or, when due to age-related changes, there are signs of the onset of menopause. In the reproductive age, this disease is less common.

Life threatening this disease does not carry, but the lack of proper therapy can lead to various pathological processes in the pelvic organs, and cause persistent infertility.

What Can Influence on Development of the Disease?

The impetus in the development of candida vulvitis can be a variety of factors that reduce the protective function of the body or lead to the appearance of hormonal imbalance. Most often this is observed in the development of the following situations:

candida vulvitis causes
  • When a woman uses an antibacterial drug for a long time. This leads to the destruction of beneficial microflora, followed by a change in the pH of the vaginal environment.
  • Hormonal adjustment in a woman who bears a child is observed in the third trimester of pregnancy, and is often accompanied by the appearance of symptoms of candida vulvitis.
  • If preference is given to wearing underwear that is made with the addition of synthetic fiber.
  • Spontaneous appointment, with non-compliance with the frequency of use and dosage of drugs of the glucocorticosteroid group or cytotoxic drugs.
  • Untreated chronic diseases.
  • Receiving oral contraceptives.
  • If the body contains pathological neoplasms.
  • Elevated plasma glucose levels.

Women of reproductive age need to know that the acute form of candida vulvitis can cause sexual transmission of the disease. At the same time, men develop a pathological process on the head of the sexual organ.

Also, infection can occur from a man to a woman, if the representative of the stronger sex is a carrier of the fungus of the genus Candida.


Even small rashes on the genital lips can be the initial stage of vulvitis, so it is recommended that you carefully treat these kinds of symptoms.

The clinical picture of the fungal lesion of the vulva has the main signs and associated symptoms. The main symptoms that indicate the severity of the pathological process:

candida vulvitis help
  1. the occurrence of severe hyperemia (redness) with swelling in the region of the labia and clitoris;
  2. the appearance of small ulcers and erosion with localization in the groin or on the thighs from the inner surface;
  3. not passing itchy sensation of the skin of the genital lips, which tends to intensify at night or before the onset of menstruation;
  4. discharge from the vagina cheesy consistency with an unpleasant acidic odor.

Concomitant symptoms manifest as follows:

  • there is an increase in body temperature index;
  • lymph nodes located nearby (in the groin) are enlarged;
  • psycho-emotional state is disturbed with anxiety and increased nervousness;
  • intimate intimacy gives a lot of discomfort in the form of pain.

It is best to seek the help of a specialist at an early stage, when the symptoms of the disease just appeared. In this case, you can prevent the transition of the disease in the chronic form of the course.

Complications and Negative Consequences

The presence of fungal pathology of the genital organs involves an urgent appeal to a doctor. This is due to the fact that the pathological process can have a rapid development and the disease can cause the following negative situations and complications:

candida vulvitis treatment
  • The risk of developing the pathology of the urogenital tract (cystitis, urethritis and pyelocystitis, vaginitis) increases.
  • The risk of inability to conceive a child increases, and if this happens, there is a high probability of pregnancy developing in the fallopian tube (manifestation of ectopic, tubal pregnancy).
  • In girls, lack of therapy causes abnormal splicing of the labia (adhesive vulva).
  • The appearance of such a diagnosis during pregnancy is accompanied by the threat of miscarriage. If there is a full childbearing, it is likely that the baby will be born prematurely, or will have defects in mental or physical development.
  • Delivery in the presence of candida in the mother, causes infection of the newborn when it passes through the birth canal.

Fungal lesion of the vulva is a particular danger in childhood. Because of what, subsequently, the girl will not be able to become a mother. In order to prevent the occurrence of such a problem, a child from an early age needs to explain how important it is to properly and correctly follow the rules of personal and intimate hygiene.

Women of reproductive age, doctors advise not to wear underwear made of synthetic fabric. In addition, sex life should not be promiscuous, which is recommended sex with one partner. Any manifestations associated with vaginal discharge that is accompanied by itching should be accompanied by a visit to the gynecologist.

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