What if Dark Spots Appear in the Armpits?


black spots in the armpits

In some diseases or for physiological reasons, some women and men may have dark spots under their arms. Pigment browning can occur with hormonal imbalance, age-related changes, people with overweight and excessive sweating, as well as fungal or bacterial skin lesions in the armpits.

Most cases of brownish or reddish spots do not pose a danger to human health and life. Only if they increase in size, transfer to other parts of the body, scaly, itch, become covered with bloom should a diagnosis be made by a dermatologist to find the right treatment.


This skin disease belongs to the group of pseudo mycosis, caused by one of the types of corynebacteria. Specific spots with erythrasma affect the upper layers of the skin, they have clear boundaries, can be of different shades: from pink to gray-brown and bright burgundy. Sometimes the lesion is covered with light scales with fine peeling, the skin is dry, it can crack.

In addition to armpit erythrasma can be distributed:

  • on the groin area, thighs, abdomen;
  • in women under the breast;
  • in men near the scrotum and anus.

In the initial stage of the disease, no sensations arise, the formations are painless, do not cause discomfort.

Dark spots in the armpits and between the legs in the hot season due to friction folds can become inflamed after the attachment of a secondary infection. In this case, the affected lesions can grow, merge with each other, slightly ache, scratch. The periods of an aggravation alternate with remission. Since the absence of symptoms makes it necessary to postpone a visit to a specialist, the disease most often has a chronic course.


Rubromycosis of large skin folds is a fungal infection of the axillary and inguinal areas, in which there are round pink spots with peeling and dry skin furrows, with small scales.

Dark spots under the armpits can go far beyond these areas:

brown spots in the armpits
  1. affect the hips, legs, chest;
  2. grab the foot, hand;
  3. change the structure of the nail plate;
  4. hair follicles.

At the first stage, discomfort does not arise. When the spots grow, the formed bubbles merge into plaques, crusts form, pubic and armpit hairs are affected, they become dry and brittle, and at the site of the patient’s focus, severe itching and soreness after scratching.

Fungus on the skin for a long time can be passive. With favorable factors (lowering of immune forces, endocrine diseases, lack of hygiene), the fungus is activated. The spread of rubromycosis contributes to the person himself, when combing, when washing the body of the fungus can be transmitted to healthy skin.

Groin Athlete

dark spots in underarm

Fungus often affects the stronger sex. Dark spots in the armpits and in the groin in men can capture the scrotum, the fold between the buttocks, and the anus. In women, the lesion, except for the armpits, is located under the breast, pubic area, buttocks.

Spots when the inguinal athlete more often symmetrically arranged, have round fuzzy intermittent borders with convex edges in the form of a roller, on which small bubbles, scales, crusts are visible. The spots grow from the center of the fold, the border of inflammation is constantly changing, the red-brown rings merge with each other, giving the person discomfort and pain.

Characteristic symptoms of athlete’s disease:

dark brown spots in the armpits
  1. severe itching, burning;
  2. discomfort when walking;
  3. discomfort in any movement;
  4. pain with simple touch;
  5. rubbing with clothes.

The disease often has a chronic form with undulating relapses. Reduced immunity, stressful situations, hormonal changes, excessive sweating complicate the course of the disease. The path of infection of the fungus contact-household when using infected objects or by direct contact with the patient.

Skin Candidiasis

Skin fungus of the genus Candida most often affects wet areas of the body. Infection can be the result of contact with the patient or through objects to which he touched.

Dark spots under the arms and in other large folds of the body are usually red in color with a white coating on the surface.

Symptoms of skin fungal inflammation:

dark spots in the underarm
  1. small bubbles, papules;
  2. burst;
  3. grow together in one wet spot;
  4. soreness appears;
  5. burning, severe itching;
  6. purulent plaque during the running process.

General or local reduction of immunity, as well as a moist environment lead to the formation of skin candidiasis. In self-infection, the fungus can affect the skin of the face, mouth, internal organs, mucous membrane of the genitalia in men and women. With a deep lesion, fungi are found in the blood plasma.

Rarely, the appearance of dark spots in the armpits can provoke pink and pityriasis versicolor. In the first case, lesions are usually located on the abdomen, back, arms and legs. For pityriasis lichen is characterized by the appearance of dark brown spots 1-5 cm in size. In women, the rash is usually localized in the chest, groin and axilla, in men on the back and inner side of the thighs.

For differential tests, the material for the study is taken from the affected areas. The scraping from the focus is examined by a microscopic method, by the bacteriological method by means of sowing on nutrient media, and luminescent, immunological, histological, and other examination techniques are also used.

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