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The treatment of thrush soda has recently become increasingly used. Especially often the tool is used in the treatment at home. After the permission of the doctor, you can carry out prevention in children in the mouth. In this article we will talk about the treatment of thrush with soda in women who have been diagnosed with such an unpleasant diagnosis as vaginal candidiasis. It should be noted that treatment in this way is permitted only after permission from the attending physician is obtained.

Useful Properties of Soda

treatment thrush with soda

The main symptoms of the development of the disease in women are itching in genital lips, burning and discomfort in the vagina. Often there is a discharge with unpleasant smell that looks like cottage cheese. It is necessary to observe hygiene, and sex should be more accurate.

Remember that an alkaline environment can be a favorable atmosphere for the development of infection. Therefore, it is impossible to treat soda yourself without the permission of a doctor.

Treatment of thrush soda helps because under its influence normal microflora in the vagina is restored. There is a complete destruction of fungi, as a result, the symptoms of the disease become less pronounced, and after a while they completely disappear.

Ways to Treat Thrush with Soda

The main method of treatment is vaginal douching. To do this, make a solution: dilute one teaspoon of the agent in 250 ml of hot water. Then make a decoction of calendula (instead, you can use yarrow).

First of all, they make syringing with soda, then with medicinal herbs. During the period of treatment, you must give up sex. The course duration is 5 days, maybe a little less. This is sufficient to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms.

Only a doctor can confirm full recovery, so after the treatment is completed, visit a medical institution and undergo an examination again.

How to Do Douching Correctly?

Treatment of thrush soda involves the observance of clear rules. Buy an enema at the pharmacy in advance and perform a complete disinfection (to do this, lower it for a while into the solution with manganese). It is prepared as follows:

  1. In one liter of hot boiled water you need to dissolve one spoon of soda.
  2. Two spoons dissolve in 500 ml of hot water.
  3. 250 ml is enough to put one teaspoon.

Since the product dissolves in hot water, you need to wait a while until it cools down to avoid burns on the mucous membrane. It is not necessary to prepare the solution for douching in advance; the best option is 40-45 minutes before the procedure.

cure thrush with soda

Douching is often impossible, which is why not delay the treatment for more than 5 days. After all, the main effect when using soda is that the pathogens of the disease are removed mechanically. For full recovery and consolidation of the result obtained, it is necessary to take certain medications.

Many women treat thrush with soda and iodine. The douching solution is prepared in the same way, but an additional 5-10 drops of iodine are added to it. The effect of such a procedure is more noticeable.

Soda from Thrush during Pregnancy

Treatment of thrush soda during pregnancy is quite possible, but only by prior consultation with your doctor. In one liter of boiled water, dissolve one spoon of soda. Pour the resulting solution into a basin, wait until it is slightly suspended, carefully sit in a basin and sit in it for 10-15 minutes. In order for the symptoms of the disease to disappear, perform the procedure for three days, once.

Pregnant women are not allowed to douche! Be careful, as you can harm the fetus!

treatment thrush with help soda

In order to eliminate the symptoms of an unpleasant disease at home, it is necessary to combine traditional methods of treatment and traditional methods. Each stage of treatment should be coordinated with the attending physician, especially in the case of pregnancy.

Do not hesitate to ask your gynecologist about the possibility of treatment with soda, as many experts consider this method effective and completely acceptable to use. Take care of your health, regularly visit a gynecologist, and then everything will be fine with your health!

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