Treatment of the Neglected Toenail Fungus with Medicines and Home Remedies


The neglected form of a disease such as the toenail fungus will certainly cause severe discomfort in a person, since it causes severe itching, sometimes turning into irrepressible pain. Scabies appears, which does not stop, because of which the patient may scratch the skin near the nail in the blood, but the desired relief will not come anyway. That is why it is very important to start treatment on time, but what to do if for any reason the course of the disease was started and the measures were not taken?

Drug and Surgical Treatment of the Advanced form of Toenail Fungus

There is a solution to this problem, but it must be remembered that the treatment of neglected toenail fungus is a very long process. It is necessary to be patient and firmly grasp the most important rule – treatment should be regular, it is absolutely not recommended to skip at least one day. If this is done, the spores of the fungus will take advantage of the respite and develop their own immunity to drugs, which will nullify all the effort.

As mentioned earlier, in case of non-compliance with the treatment schedule, the infection will adapt to the drugs and stop responding to them. Along with this, the fungus will mutate, which ultimately will lead not only to a lack of results, but also to more serious consequences. The course of drug therapy is divided into two forms – the use of local funds and the use of systemic.

Topical treatment is as follows:

  • It is important to apply creams and solutions exclusively on clean skin;
  • It is necessary to apply the preparations on clearly marked days and time, fixing the nail plates with a plaster if necessary;
  • In order for the agents to work better on the affected surface, it is advisable to use special gels intended for softening. They do not have a medicinal effect, but they facilitate access for preparations deep into the nail.

The number of drugs in the group of topical administration includes Mikosan, Exoderil, Miconazole, Clotrimazole and others. They are usually highly effective, but are not recommended for use by pregnant women.

The use of systemic means will allow to “undermine” the livelihoods of the source of infection from the inside. These drugs are prescribed in combination with local therapy and, in combination with them, have a powerful destructive effect on fungal spores.

The treatment of running toenail fungus involves the use of the following drugs: Diflucan, Terbisil, Fluconazole, Terbinafin, Mikomax and others. It is important to remember that they are prescribed only by a dermatologist, you cannot choose medicines yourself.

During the period of treatment with all the above preparations, it is necessary to completely give up alcohol, and in some cases, take funds to support the liver. The fact is that drug therapy will last about a year, during which time drugs can have a strong effect on the liver.

At that moment, when the doctor determines that the treatment will not bring any benefit, surgical removal of the nail plate with the fungus is prescribed. The procedure is quite painful, even though it is performed using local anesthesia.

An alternative to cutting is laser removal. In this case, not the entire nail is removed, but only the affected part, after which the entire affected surface is completely cleared of the waste products of the fungus. Laser removal is completely painless and quick, but the procedure is quite expensive.

Photo of Neglected Toenails Fungus

Treatment of the Neglected Form of Nail Fungus on the Feet with Home Remedies

It is possible to treat the advanced form of toenail nail fungus at home and using traditional medicine, but it would be difficult to achieve the desired effect. The fact is that all these solutions, compresses and baths do not have an intensive effect on the fungus, as antibiotics and antimycotic drugs do.

Here are some recipes that have proven effective:

  • a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide should be fixed on the affected nail for about 15-20 minutes. It is recommended to carry out the procedure once a day for three months;
  • you need to mix vinegar and water in the ratio of 1/8, respectively. This solution is applied to the nails, after which the legs are wrapped in something warming (a blanket, towel, etc.). Course duration – 3-4 months;
  • the use of iodine will also help get rid of the fungus. To do this, twice a day, put a few drops on the affected nails, while you can not miss a single day. If the application of iodine causes a burning sensation, then you need to repeat the procedure every other day.
  • solution of ammonia – for its preparation, you need to mix the tool itself and water in a ratio of 1 tbsp. on 1 glass respectively. After this, gauze is moistened in the solution, which must be applied to the diseased nail. Further, this gauze is firmly fixed on the leg at night. It is necessary to carry out the procedure 3 times a week for 3-4 months.

When using traditional medicine it is necessary to remember that even the slightest deterioration of the condition is a reason for immediate medical attention, because the neglected form of the toenail fungus can cause quite serious complications.

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