Top Recipes of Treatment of Toenail Fungus with Household Soap


Anyone who has heard that fungus between toenail can be cured with laundry soap will be disappointed, as this tool has no antifungal effect. It can be used only in combination with effective antifungal drugs or folk remedies, really fighting fungal cultures. But, there are a lot of recipes where soap is used in auxiliary and prophylactic agents in the fight against fungal skin lesions. We will talk about them today.

Laundry Soap Against Nail Fungus

treatment of toenail fungus with help of household soap

Any experienced mycologist will say that soap does not help get rid of the fungus – it is nothing more than a prophylactic. For example, in case of rubromycosis of the nails at the initial stage, you can get by using traditional remedies, but having an antifungal effect. We are talking about hydrogen peroxide and iodine tinctures, which are excellent in combating the first manifestations of fungal infections on the nail plates. Laundry soap is used as an auxiliary tool that can be added to the bath or homemade ointment.

There are those who claim that the laundry soap helped them in the early stages of onychomycosis of toenails. Again, everything is very individual, as some people can not cure onychomycosis with potent drugs for several years. Here the use of soap is advisable as an additional ingredient for a compress, which should include vinegar, celandine or garlic.

Soap solution from household soap is considered the most effective prophylactic during treatment of all types of fungal infections.

Effective Recipes Based on Soap

treatment of toenail fungus with laundry soap

The most common and effective recipe is a combination of soap (30 gr.) And baking soda (2a tablespoons). All ingredients are added to water (1 l.) And cooked for 20-30 minutes. Next, add the resulting liquid in a bowl with ordinary water. You can dilute 1/3 – the main thing is not to burn the legs (or hands). The process of steaming lasts no more than 10 minutes. Before starting the procedure, it is recommended to remove the edges of the affected nail plates with a nail file or nail scissors.

Great reviews received homemade ointment, for the preparation of which is rubbed on a grating economic (20 gr.) And tar soap (20 gr.). The resulting mixture is added to hot water (100 g.) And give a good brew. After the means obtained, rub the affected nail plates for a month 2 times a day.

Today, every second popular recipe for nail fungus includes laundry soap. But, once again, as an auxiliary or prophylactic agent. If you have your own recipes, please share them in the comments with other users.

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