Top Methods to Treat Nail Fungus with Help of Folk Remedies


If the free edge of the nail is covered with uneven white or yellow spots, this indicates an unpleasant medical and cosmetic problem – onychomycosis. Treatment of nail fungus folk remedies refers to the very first step, which takes the patient. The reasons for this decision may be different, but the most important condition is the credibility of traditional medicine and alternative medical methods.

How Does a Fungal Infection Penetrate the Nail?

home remedies to cure your nails from fungus

Treatment of nail fungus on the feet with folk remedies. The color, shape and appearance of the horny plates on the fingers is a reflection of the health status of the human body. At the same time, nail fungus adversely affects the body: it leads to allergies, exacerbation of asthma, allergic dermatitis, complications of diabetes. In addition, nails affected by a fungal infection do not look aesthetically pleasing, it gives the person discomfort.

In any case, it must be remembered that parasites prefer wet places where spores germinate better. They are stored in fragments of nails, on shoes and towels, on the floor in showers, pools and saunas. The infection is able to penetrate the nail anywhere, but more often the “gate” for the fungus is the free edge of the horn plate. Then begins the spread to the nail bed. Food for microscopic fungi is the building substance of nails – keratin. As a result, strength is lost, the color and structure change.

The pharmaceutical market offers various fungicidal agents, but many people prefer the treatment of nail fungus with folk remedies that have been tried by time.

Superficial mycoses easier to cure with home remedies. However, the fungus is able to spread, which looks like an increase in the size of the stain, looseness and thickening of the nail, loss of luster and transparency. There is a fragility of the nail plate, peeling of the skin, pain when walking and at rest. Fungal lesions are often supplemented by bacterial superinfection, which is very difficult to cope with at home.

Steaming and Softening – then Treatment of Affected Nails

folk remedies to deal with nails from fungus

Natural antifungal agent – apple vinegar. It will take a large amount of healing liquid, so it is better to make it yourself at home from apples, peel, apple juice or wine (cider). The therapeutic use is to mix the vinegar with an equal amount of warm water and immerse the feet in the solution for a quarter of an hour. Fingers and soles do not wipe, and allow to dry. The procedure is repeated daily until the beginning of the growth of healthy nail plates.

Many combined contain ethanol – a strong antiseptic. The solution for the treatment of fungus can be prepared using vinegar, medical alcohol and glycerin, bought at a pharmacy. All liquids are well mixed with each other, used for application to the affected areas within one month.

Nail fungus is treated with folk remedies from among other simple products. The salt bath has a calming effect on the affected area. Add 80-100 g of sea or kitchen salt to one liter of warm water. Then it is recommended to massage the legs with vegetable oil and 5 drops of lavender essential oil (or oregano). The blood supply to the legs improves and the infection is more active. Tar soap is whipped into the foam, add salt and put on the nails under the bandage for 7-9 hours (all night).

Well softens and exfoliates damaged keratin foot bath with baking soda (one tablespoon per 1 liter of water).

Propolis has a strong antifungal and antibacterial effect. Ready alcohol tincture can be bought at the pharmacy and lubricate the nails daily. To prepare the tool yourself, take propolis and alcohol in the ratio of 1:10. Insist means at least one week, drained from the sediment and use the same way as a pharmacy drug. Be sure to steam out the feet well and cut off the softened areas of the nails, only after that apply propolis tincture and allow the liquid to dry completely.

Recipes from Time Immemorial

Treatment of the fungus of the toenails with folk remedies from among green plants is best carried out during the summer holidays. It should be possible to stay at home and, as the compress from leaves or berries dries, replace it with a fresh one. Make foot baths with hot infusion of herbs celandine. After steaming for 30 minutes, it is recommended to apply antifungal varnish on the affected nails.

Apply leaves and berries of mountain ash, rich in organic acids, triterpene compounds, essential oils. Fresh raw materials are ground to a mushy state, and the resulting suspension is applied to a piece of bandage on the nails affected by fungus.

folk remedies to treat nails from fungus

Nail mycosis is treated at home with nettle or burdock leaves. Wrap their sick nails like a bandage and leave them overnight. Top to wear cotton socks. Garlic juice is rubbed into the nails after steaming and removing the softened areas of the nail affected by the fungus. Conduct such procedures daily for 14 days. Similarly, apply onion juice.

Pharmaceutical preparations and folk remedies for toenail fungus should kill or weaken only the pathogens of the disease, not disturbing the healthy microflora of the skin. With any treatment option should be remembered that the disease does not go away instantly. After the fungus is destroyed or its development is stopped, it should take from 8 to 12 months, until a new keratin grows instead of the damaged part. More attention should be paid to personal hygiene. For example, daily mother feet, wipe shoes with a cotton swab moistened with 9% table vinegar or formalin solution (1%).

It is important to avoid visiting the pool, saunas, baths, reduce the consumption of sweets during the period of treatment of the fungus. It is necessary to abandon high pH detergents in favor of baby soap or gel for intimate hygiene (pH 5.5). The fact is that mushrooms and bacteria do not like the acidic environment.

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