The List of Diseases that Provoke Appearance of Brown Spots in the Groin


Brown spots in the groin are of different shades, sizes, structures and shapes, but do their appearance always indicate a disease or can they be caused by the usual mechanical irritation of the skin?

When Are Brown Spots in the Groin Area the Symptoms of the Disease?

It sometimes happens that along with the appearance of pigmentation in the groin area, a person is also accompanied by various pains, malaise and swelling, and it happens that they are discovered quite randomly, and it is not possible to determine how long they have been there. And if in the latter case, it is more likely a cosmetic defect that does not pose a threat to health, in the first case these are obvious symptoms of other, more serious diseases that require urgent diagnosis and treatment.

The main types of diseases whose symptoms may be age spots in the groin area:

brown spots in the groin treatment
  • Erythrasma;
  • Addison’s Disease;
  • Pityriasis versicolor;
  • Cancer of the internal organs;
  • Inguinal athlete.

In Addison’s disease, there is a disturbance in the production of hormones, especially cortisol, because of the suppression of the work of the adrenal glands, which leads to a general disorder in the body and is accompanied by darkening of the nipples and underarms and the appearance of pigment spots in the groin area. Despite the fact that this disease is really very rare, according to the world statistics, one of a hundred thousand people is ill, mostly women, but men are also susceptible to it.

In case of cancer of the internal organs – more often with the growth of a malignant neoplasm in the stomach, dark brown spots in the groin of men act as signal fire. They have a velvety surface, dense to the touch. In this case, it is necessary to consult a gastroenterologist and undergo a diagnosis in order to refute or confirm the presence of the disease. In women, such problems are more often accompanied by characteristic pain and ailments, and pigmented spots appear less frequently.

brown rough spots in the groin

Erythrasma modern medicine refers to the infectious pseudo mycosis of the nature, transmitted by contact. In this disease, rounded smooth brown spots appear in the groin, armpits area, near the anus, on the thighs and other skin folds. In the absence of treatment, the lesions begin to change color and grow in size until the spread becomes quite large. Most often affects people who do not respect the rules of personal hygiene, as well as suffering from obesity. For the diagnosis is carried out bacposev to identify the pathogen.

The tonsillitis is caused by yeast-like fungi — Malassezia furfur and Pityrosporum orbiculare, which breeds in the horny layer of the skin. Usually these fungi are already present in a certain amount on the skin of a potential patient and, under certain favorable circumstances, begin to multiply rapidly. Although the contact method of spreading the disease is not confirmed, outbreaks of incidence within the same family are often observed, which may be explained by a genetic predisposition to the disease, but more often it is caused by a sharp decrease in immunity and chronic diseases of a different nature.

Epidermofitiya in the groin also refers to diseases caused by the reproduction of fungi on the surface of the skin, but rather in its large folds, which most often include the inguinal-femoral region. At first you can observe the appearance of small light brown spots about 1 cm in size, later they turn into rings with a clear red border and, increasing in diameter, diverge in the body. As a rule, diagnosis of athlete in an experienced dermatologist does not cause difficulties and it is enough for him to examine the skin flakes taken from the affected area under a microscope.

With timely treatment to the doctor, as in most cases of fungal infections of the skin, the disease can be cured in a few weeks, provided strict adherence to preventive measures and the use of prescribed drugs.

Not Worry if..

In addition to the listed symptoms that are directly associated with certain diseases, there are also more harmless causes of pigmentation in the groin area, which can be easily corrected by lifestyle changes or simple procedures. For example, brown spots in the groin of women can be triggered by an incorrectly performed hair removal procedure in this tender area or by mechanical irritation due to too tight underwear.

brown spots in groin

Also, the appearance of spots is observed as a result of a long stay in the sun and the use of oral contraceptives that are not suitable for the body. And during pregnancy, in which hyperpigmentation of the skin (in the chest, lower abdomen, groin, and sometimes the face) is generally a common thing, it’s not worth worrying about. In 90% of cases, they completely disappear after childbirth.

Therefore, if you have noticed brown stains in your groin or in any other place, do not rush to panic – better just make an appointment with a dermatologist and, without postponing the case, find out the reason for their appearance.

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