Redness and Itching on Penile Head – Is It a Reason to Visit a Doctor?


Even the most clean men during life may experience redness and itching on the head of the penis. And the matter is not even in violation of the rules of personal hygiene or venereal disease, it can be an ordinary male thrush, which, although more characteristic of women, still delivers a lot of discomfort to the male half of the population. In any case, even the smallest inflammatory processes in the head and foreskin of the genital organ of a boy or a man should be a serious reason for seeking the help of a specialist.

The Main Causes of Inflammation on the Penile Head

Very often, men are faced with all sorts of inflammatory processes on the head of the penis. Sometimes they can be caused by violations of the rules of personal hygiene, and in some cases the following diseases:

  1. Contact dermatitis. Very common among men, but manifests itself in childhood or adolescence. Allergen may be latex (condoms), underwear (panties, melting, etc.), personal care products (shower gel, soap), powder (washing) and lubricators (lubricant for sexual intercourse). A distinctive feature is strong irritation over the entire surface of the glans penis and foreskin. There may be intense itching.
  2. Candida balanoposthitis. Recently, an increasingly common disease characteristic of the female half of the population. Sexually transmitted, in men is very rare. There are many known cases when a woman has problems with yeast, and men are normal. A distinctive feature of a candida infection in men is redness of the head and foreskin, a cheesy white coating, itching and a strong odor.
  3. Genital herpes. In some cases, there is an atypical course of genital herpes, in which swelling and reddening of the head of the penis can be observed. Itching is extremely rare, white bloom in isolated cases.
  4. Inguinal athlete. Another fungal disease that is more common in men and is characterized by the appearance of scaly patches in the groin. In rare cases, mild inflammation may occur near the glans penis. Usually the whole process takes place on the pubis, on the inside of the legs and buttocks.

It is also impossible to exclude the possibility of mechanical damage to the penis during sexual intercourse or masturbation. It can also cause the appearance of various kinds of inflammatory processes.

Photo of Redness on the Penile Head


In cases where redness, itching, swelling and pain do not pass within three days, you should definitely contact a dermatovenereologist. All of the above diseases are well treated in the early stages, and it is also difficult to retreat in neglected forms.

In cases with contact dermatitis, it is necessary to exclude allergens that may be contained in even the most familiar things. Lingerie is best picked only from 100% cotton. We must try to change the washing powder, shower gel and soap.

Candida balanoposthitis is treated only with antifungal drugs. At the first symptoms of male thrush, it is enough to drink one tablet of Diflucan and 2 times a day to smear the pentoma with clotrimazole cream for one week. Launched cases are treated with systemic drugs based on ketoconazole, terbinafine and naftifina. Usually, men treat thrush at home, even without the presence of visible symptoms, as they are the sexual partner of a girl who has candidiasis.

Genital herpes is treated only with antiviral drugs under the strict supervision of a physician, since the disappearance of external symptoms (blisters, redness and itching) does not guarantee complete recovery.

The inguinal athlete’s disease is more difficult to treat, since men ignore the first signs of its appearance and consult a doctor when the spots spread on the inner sides of the legs, on the buttocks and genitals. The inguinal epidermophyton is differentiated with rubromycosis in the groin, diaper rash, athlete’s foot and erythrasma. Treatment includes antifungal drugs, enhanced hygiene and preventive measures to disinfect linen and clothing.

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