Rash on the Penis Head – Is It Possible to Cure with Home Remedies?


Any rash on penile head in men should be carefully examined and observed, since their appearance can be triggered not only by natural physiological processes, but also by the development of serious fungal and venereal diseases. This is especially true of men who are sexually active. After all, even protected sexual intercourse cannot guarantee 100% protection against infection with candidiasis or an inguinal fungus, which is most often transmitted through close physical contact.

5 Reasons for the Appearance of a Rash on the Penile Head in Men

Almost all rashes on the head in men without itching and pain are benign. They can be caused by a normal allergic reaction to synthetic materials, condoms and other substances that come into contact with the penis. But there are also other reasons that not everyone will like:

  • Balanitis. The most common cause of a rash on the head and foreskin of the penis. Usually accompanied by severe swelling, itching and red pimples on the head penile head, an unpleasant odor, white cheesy bloom and sores. Less commonly, soreness may occur during urination. Balanitis is most often diagnosed in boys suffering from phimosis and in men who have an active sex life. As an endangered balanitis or male thrush is considered a common fungal infection that affects both sexual partners.
  • Genital herpes. This disease is difficult to confuse with something, since in addition to eruptions on the head and foreskin n / h there is almost always a strong pain in the area of ​​the lesion, an increase in body temperature and severe general weakness. It can manifest itself in the form of small bubbles filled with serous fluid, turning into erosive areas covered with a crust. The causative agents of genital herpes are HSV-1 and HSV-2. The path of infection is sexual.
  • Pearly papules. Not fully studied pathology observed in 25-40% of sexually mature men. Manifested in the form of white rash around the glans penis. Size from 1-2 mm to 5-7 mm. Formations are not accompanied by any subjective sensations – there is no itching or burning. Doctors claim that this is a variant of the norm that does not require any treatment or surgical intervention. Most often observed in men during puberty. It is not sexually transmitted and does not affect the quality of sexual activity.
  • Syphilis. Very dangerous venereal disease, which has several stages of the course. It is difficult to diagnose, since the clinical picture is cleverly “masked” as minor sores and there is a tendency for the spontaneous disappearance of all visible symptoms. In some cases, it may appear as a small red rash on the head of the penis. Rarely observed swelling, itching and redness. Sexually transmitted. Characterized by a long, relapsing course.
  • Fordyce granules. Another reason for the appearance of white eruptions on the head p / h and the foreskin. They are also called seborrheic cysts, which every man has, but manifest and are clearly visible only in 20-40%. Absolutely harmless formations that are absolutely painless and do not cause a threat to health. Pellets Fordyysya not transmitted sexually and do not affect the quality of sexual life. The number of formations most often ranges from 3 to 10. Size – 1-3 mm. To the touch soft, smooth. When pressed do not hurt and are not accompanied by secretions.

From the above list, we recommend paying particular attention to balanitis, since in 60% of cases it is he who causes the appearance of a red rash on the heads in men aged 20 to 30 years.

Photo of a Rash on Penile Head in Men


Even the appearance of a small rash in the penis, not passing more than 3-5 days and accompanied by additional symptoms in the form of itching, burning, pain, plaque and unpleasant smell, should be a weight reason to visit a dermatovenereologist.

Any treatment begins with the doctor seeing the clinical picture and prescribing tests. In the case of red rashes on the surface of the penis, you may need to pass smear and scrapings. A prerequisite is also a blood donation for syphilis. Why? We explained above. Therefore, we are not afraid and are not surprised if the doctor directs you to donate blood for syphilis.

As for the treatment itself, then there are many options and everything will depend on the cause of the rash. If the head is affected by Candida fungi, then in most cases the doctor prescribes the following ointments for thrush in men:

  1. Pimafucort;
  2. Clotrimazole;
  3. Pimafucin;
  4. Triderm;
  5. Fluconazole (in capsules);
  6. Flucostat (in capsules);
  7. Diflucan (in capsules).

Treatment of advanced thrush involves not only taking fluconazole-based drugs and using ointments, but also maintaining enhanced hygiene.

Genital herpes, occurring without complications (herpetic urethritis) is treated with drugs:

  •    Zovirax;
  •    Valtrex;
  •    Famvir.

The average duration of treatment is 7-10 days. The dosage is prescribed only by the attending physician, who is repelled by the clinical picture and possible complications.

If the rashes on the head are caused by Fordyce granules or pearl papules, then no treatment is required. In most cases, men themselves express a desire to get rid of the formations that have appeared. In this case, it can offer removal using:

  1.    Laser;
  2.    Nitrogen;
  3.    Surgically;
  4.    Coagulation.

Any of these methods does not guarantee the re-emergence of formations and the doctor is obliged to inform the patient before the procedure.

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