Peeling on the Genital Lips – What Can Cause It?


Changes in the skin in the genital area are cause for concern. When the skin on the genital lips peels off, an influence on the body of external or internal factors can be suspected.

Causes Peeling

If desquamation is observed along with itching, red spots on skin, swelling, or other symptoms, the woman experiences discomfort in everyday life, pain during sexual contact, tightness when wearing open clothes.

Peeling on the genital lips is:

  • with allergic inflammations;
  • fungal infection;
  • for other viral or bacterial infections.

In order to treat these pathologies, it is necessary to eliminate the allergen or eliminate the effect of the pathogen. Treatment is selected individually, taking into account the characteristics of the organism and the stage of the disease.

Allergy Peeling

Genital allergy is quite common, characterized by various manifestations: rash, irritation, scaling. The disease can be pronounced or occur in erased form without unpleasant symptoms.

Causes of genital allergy in women:

peeling on genital lips causes
  • Sperm sex partner;
  • Condoms, gels for lubrication;
  • Oral contraceptives;
  • Hygiene items – soaps, creams, tampons, pads;
  • Too chlorinated water;
  • Medicinal preparations containing iodine, sulfonamides;
  • Synthetic underwear;
  • Worm infestation.

Among the symptoms of an allergic reaction, in addition to the peeling of the lips, women may experience redness, swelling of the genitals, itching, skin irritation, vaginal discharge with smell, and burning during urination. The longer the allergen is affected, the more pronounced the symptoms.

If the skin on the genital lips peels due to an allergic reaction, you should contact a specialist to identify the allergen, as well as to treat concomitant inflammation. After therapeutic measures, excluding contact with allergen, desquamation, irritation and itching disappear without leaving a trace.

Peeling Due to Fungal Infection

Most often, the female genitals affects the Candida fungus. The disease he causes is popularly called thrush because of the characteristic cheesy discharge that accompanies the infection.

Mostly the process develops in the vagina, but can move to the external genitals. Normally, the fungus is present on the skin, but for certain reasons its enhanced reproduction begins.

Factors affecting fungal growth:

peeling on genital lips cure
  • Reduced immunity;
  • Excessive consumption of sugary foods;
  • Lack of vitamins, minerals, fluids in the body;
  • Disturbed metabolism;
  • Stress, insomnia;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Long-term medication.

Thrush is not a sexually transmitted disease, but is transmitted sexually. In addition, there is a household method of infection through household items, dirty vegetables and fruits, it is possible to transfer from mother to child.

In the first stage, the symptoms may be absent, but with the active reproduction of the fungus, the vaginal microflora changes, yeast-like fungi begin to predominate over the beneficial flora. As a result, the following symptoms develop over time:

  • Peeling due to fungal infection; severe itching and burning;
  • vaginal discharge granular character or just white;
  • sour smell of discharge;
  • pain when urinating, intercourse;

Suffering skin of the lips, it swells, red. If labia lips peel off, it means that the fungus began to multiply, not only inside but also outside the organ. Constant brushing leads to irritation of the epidermis, cracks, and painful sores on the skin of the labia.

For the treatment of thrush apply complex measures: local treatment with ointments, vaginal suppositories, tablets should be combined with the intake of antifungal drugs by mouth and fortifying therapy.

Other Causes and Treatment Options

When the skin on the genital lips peels off, it is a sign of inflammatory or infectious diseases of the genital tract.

Genital herpes – causes herpes simplex virus, is transmitted through sexual contact with the partner’s genitals or from the oral cavity during oral caresses. The inflammatory process is characterized by the appearance of bubbles, which burst, crusts form in their place, after they fall off, peeling occurs.

peeling on genital lips treatment

Trichomoniasis is an infection that causes inflammation of the organs of the genitourinary system, the causative agent of trichomonas, is transmitted by sexual contact. Vaginal discharge, itching, swelling, peeling of the lips are noted.

Chlamydia – develops when infected with various types of chlamydia. It has symptoms of inflammatory diseases: vulvovaginitis, cystitis, urethritis. Vaginal discharge mucus yellowish with an unpleasant odor. A woman feels a burning sensation of the genitals, which are swollen, flaky, there may be abdominal pain, low-grade fever.

Gardnerella – bacterial vaginosis, women of childbearing age often suffer. Itching and burning is accompanied by vaginal secretions of gray or greenish color with a fishy smell. Launched disease can cause cystitis, pyelonephritis. After treatment, the vaginal environment must be populated with beneficial bacteria for this area. To avoid reinfection, both partners must be treated.

Ureaplasmosis – an infection is sexually transmitted, caused by a microorganism belonging to a major virus. In the normal flora of the genital organs, ureaplasmas do not manifest themselves at all, with a decrease in immunity, there are transparent secretions, burning during urination.

Drug treatment is aimed at eliminating the cause of desquamation, at relieving symptoms, and at preventing relapse. Conservative methods are enough, in addition, you can use the methods of traditional medicine with the use of warm sitz baths with herbal infusions of chamomile or a series to improve the condition of the skin of the labia majora.

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