Oral Thrush in Infants – Is It Dangerous for Baby’s Health?


Thrush in infants mouth is a phenomenon that many parents faced. Each child’s illness is different. Children’s disease provokes the fungus Candida, in violation of microflora, it begins to flourish.

Causes of Disease

Thrush in babies mouth can occur for various reasons:

oral thrush in baby
  • If a woman was ill with this disease, but did not cure her before giving birth, he would become infected when the child passed through the birth canal.
  • Immunity of the newborn weakened. Most often this applies to premature babies, as well as for children after a cold. At the time of teething baby’s body is also vulnerable.
  • Medication, namely antibiotics. If the mother is breastfeeding the baby while drinking the medicines, they would be given to the crumbs with breast milk.
  • Baby takes in his mouth all that he comes across under the arms. At the moment when the child only begins to crawl or walk, he would know everything that surrounds him, including various objects.
  • Parents brought the child to kindergarten very early. After the arrival of the baby in the garden, he meets with unfamiliar microflora. Against this background, there is a decrease in immunity, which means that a favorable environment for the development of bacteria appears.

These are the most common reasons for which we recommend paying increased attention.


If you looked into the mouth of your child and saw a small patina of white color there, do not worry, this is the norm. Thrush is also a kind of plaque, but it only appears everywhere: on the gums, on the inside of the cheeks, in the upper oral cavity.

At the first signs of thrush in an infant’s mouth it is recommended to visit a medical facility and see a pediatrician.

At the first stage of the development of the disease, the baby behaves calmly, nothing bothers him, then there is a burning sensation, the child is capricious, refuses to eat. In the future, symptoms may be accompanied by pain in the cheeks and gums and severe itching.

How to Treat Thrush in the Mouth of Infant?

oral thrush in infants causes

In order to get rid of thrush, you can use soda solution: dissolve a teaspoon of soda in a glass with boiling water. Wrap a bandage on your index finger, soak it in the resulting solution, gently wipe everything in your baby’s mouth. In order that he did not resist and did not interfere with the procedure, fix the chin with your thumb and the mouth will open slightly. In order for such manipulation to bring positive results, it is necessary to conduct it up to 10 times a day, every one and a half two hours. The general course of treatment is about 10 days.

You can try another treatment option, take the baby’s nipple and lightly dip it into the soda solution or into the honey, and then give it to the baby. Remember, if the child does not take it, do not insist, not every baby will suck the nipple with an unusual taste.

If the child is not allergic to honey, you can prepare a medicine based on it: use a spoonful of honey for two tablespoons of boiled water. In the same way wrap gauze on your finger, dip it in the finished product, wipe everything in the mouth of the baby.

If the mother breastfeeds the baby, then the antifungal drugs are prescribed not only for the child, but also for the mother. For some time, let out pets living in the house outside or give them to your friends.


In order to get rid of thrush, treatment alone is not enough, do not forget about prevention:

thrush in baby mouth
  1. Immediately after feeding the baby with milk, let him drink water, literally three or four sips. This will wash off all the remnants of food, and the microflora will be cleaned.
  2. A nursing mother, before giving the breast to the baby, should hygiene the nipples. Gently wipe them with a solution of soda or a special tool that you can buy at the pharmacy.
  3. Carefully monitor the personal hygiene of the child, after the walk, wash your hands well with soap and water, and prevent communication with pets.
  4. Several times a week, perform a complete disinfection of all toys and objects with which the baby is in contact.
  5. Every day, do a wet cleaning of the house, especially where the child crawls.
  6. Sterilize all his personal belongings – nipples, bottles, dishes, from which the baby eats.
  7. Do not take the child in your arms if you have come from the street and have not washed your hands.
  8. At a young age, try not to walk in places with large crowds of people, in order to avoid infection.

At an early age, thrush causes a lot of discomfort. Due to the fact that the inflammatory process develops in the mouth, the baby cannot calmly eat and sleep. A neglected form of the disease can lead to airway damage.

Keep track of your baby’s health, because at this age he is completely dependent on you!

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