Is It Possible to Perform Douching from Thrush at Home?


Many women complete the evening hygiene vaginal shower, eliminating unpleasant odors and secretions. Some gynecologists strongly recommend the use of douching for thrush, others claim the harmful effects of this manipulation. To flush the vagina with solutions of medicines, baking soda, herbal infusions and decoctions, or to avoid similar household procedures? Let us examine problem situations, study the pros and cons.

Is Douching Prescribed for Thrush?

Some doctors, discussing the harm and benefit of the vaginal douche, do not advise to bring the obsession with purity to extremes. Douching with thrush at home leads to leaching of beneficial and conditionally pathogenic microbial flora. As a result, vaginal dysbiosis (dysbiosis) occurs. That is, syringing from a medical procedure turns into a harmful exercise. But this does not mean that the treatment of thrush at home is not effective.

What problems of the intimate sphere are decided by the doctor’s douching:

douching from thrush
  1. Chronic inflammation of the vagina or cervix. It becomes possible to apply anti-inflammatory drugs locally.
  2. Thrush. Solves the problem of restoring the normal pH.
  3. Cervical erosion. Improving the state of the epithelium.
  4. STDs Facilitated the fight against infection.
  5. Vaginal douche is carried out exclusively for medical reasons.

Medical devices for carrying out a vaginal douche – a syringe in the form of a pear with a rubber or plastic tip and Esmarch’s mug (a container with a tube). The product purchased at the pharmacy should be rinsed with hot water, boil the tip. Esmarch’s mug and syringe can not be used for enemas, if they are used for the vaginal douche.

How to Douching for Women’s Health?

First, take a bath or shower, thoroughly wash the vulva and anus. Antifungal drug or agent based on an antiseptic substance, herbal infusion should be prepared in advance. Douching for thrush spend warm solution. If the gynecologist recommends, the prescribed drug is diluted with warm water. The total amount of fluid to be inserted into the vagina is also determined by the doctor.

The procedure during douching with the help of the Esmarkh circle:

douching from thrush at home
  • Strengthen the container for the solution at a distance of about 75 cm above the pelvic region.
  • Apply petroleum jelly on the tip and let the air out.
  • Lubricate the entrance to the vagina, lie down, bending your knees.
  • Insert the tip to a depth of about 5 cm.
  • Open the clamp so that there is a weak pressure, then slightly increase.
  • The total duration of the procedure is 15 minutes.
  • After the end of the manipulation you need to lie down for half an hour.

The syringe is designed to introduce fluids into the vagina. A soft rubber tip is preferable; it does not injure the epithelium affected by thrush. Press the pear should be smooth movements, so that the fluid does not fall into the uterus.

Drugstore for therapeutic vaginal douche for thrush (make weak solutions in accordance with the instructions to the drugs):

  • Chlorophyllipt;
  • Chlorhexidine;
  • boric acid;
  • Miramistin;
  • Furacilin.

To eliminate vaginal dysbiosis accompanying thrush, use the solutions of biological products “Lactobacterin” or “Atsipol”.

Douching for thrush at home folk remedies (for one procedure requires 100-200 ml of herbal infusion or decoction):

douching from thrush home remedy
  • Take 1 tbsp. l “With a hill” of chamomile baskets of medicinal, brew in 200 ml of boiling water, leave for 40 minutes, drain.
  • Measure 1 tbsp. l oak bark, boil in 200 ml of water for about 15 minutes in a water bath, filter and leave for another 15-20 minutes.
  • Mix 1 tsp. “With a hill” of chamomile, calendula and sage, brew 200 ml of boiling water, leave for 40–60 minutes, drain.

The douching prescribed by the physician should be carried out by a course not longer than the specified period of time. Medicinal substances and herbal extracts help to get rid of pain, itching, unpleasant smell – the first signs of thrush. However, attempts to cope only with the vaginal douche with these symptoms, as well as with a change in color, consistency, and volume of discharge, can aggravate the ailment.

When Are  Excessive Cleanliness in Vagina Detriment?

Inside the vagina of a healthy woman, a microbial flora is formed, consisting mainly of lactobacilli. They maintain the pH in the acid range, which prevents excessive growth of the causative agent of thrush – a fungus of the genus Candida. Nature also provided mechanisms for self-cleaning the vagina. To help this process, it is enough to take a shower while taking a shower or bath using an intimate hygiene product.

In some cases, doctors do not recommend women to douche:

  • before gynecological examination, as the washing away of microflora interferes with the establishment of a diagnosis;
  • during exacerbations of inflammatory diseases of the genital organs;
  • within a month after childbirth or abortion;
  • during pregnancy;
  • in postmenopausal women.

Researchers in the United States found that women who regularly practice douching are more susceptible to bacterial vaginosis, thrush, and STDs.

Dispelling myths about the benefits of a vaginal shower:

  • Regular douching for thrush protects against disease. On the contrary, a change in the pH of the vagina increases the susceptibility of women to Candida fungi.
  • Douching eliminates unpleasant odor and vaginal discharge from thrush. However, the effect is temporary, the true reason persists.
  • It contributes to the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. On the contrary, may contribute to the penetration of infection.
  • Prevents conception. A woman’s chance of becoming pregnant is reduced by only 30%.

Douching increases the risk of developing pelvic inflammatory diseases by 73% compared with women who do not have a vaginal douche. Gynecologists often ascertain during the inspection, which is aggravated by erosion, the study of microflora reveals thrush. The consequences are deplorable, especially for pregnant women: infection of the fetus, premature birth, complications of labor. It is important to remember that syringing with pharmaceutical preparations or herbal decoctions does not cancel the local thrush therapy prescribed by a doctor with the help of ointments, tablets, suppositories.

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