Is It Possible to Cure Thrush in 1 Day?


treatment of thrush with home remedies

There is no need to complain about the paucity of the range of antifungal medications. However, women are increasingly complaining about the return of the unpleasant symptoms of vaginal candidiasis. In the reviews and comments you can find useful experience of those who managed to quickly cure the thrush at home. However, forum participants emphasize that this is about getting rid of milder forms of the disease. It is also very important to take care of the treatment of the sexual partner (s) from the carriage of yeast fungi.

How to Cure Thrush for 1 Day with Medication?

High performance with minimal side effects. Such flattering characteristics are addressed to modern antifungal drugs for local and external use. Sick women do not skimp and spend considerable financial resources on creams, vaginal tablets and suppositories, capsules for oral administration. In addition, ladies create a piggy bank of methods for accelerated disposal of thrush.

Take on the first day of the loading dose “Diflucan”, exceeding the typical daily dosage twice. But after 2-3 months, relapse of candidiasis is possible. Antimycotic drugs quickly relieve the symptoms of thrush. Unfortunately, the temporary disappearance of vaginal discharge with smell, the termination of itching patients take for complete deliverance and stop treatment. When the thrush returns time after time, only then the woman makes an appointment with the gynecologist.

Capsules “Flucostat”, suspension or capsules “Diflucan” – means for treating thrush for a day.

Drugs prescribed by specialists for the treatment of candidiasis:

treatment of thrush wi pils
  • Crema “Gynofort”. The active ingredient butoconazole is among the best antifungal agents to date (imidazoles). The cream is administered intravaginally.
  • The line of products under the general name “Pimafucin” – cream, tablets, vaginal suppositories. They begin treatment with the use of a cream, if it does not help, they switch to suppositories, do not work, they take pills.
  • Vaginal capsules “Polygynax” – a combined antibacterial and antifungal agent. It helps against thrush and other vaginal mycoses, bacterial infections.
  • Vaginal suppositories “Metromicon-neo” contain the “classic” combination of antimicrobial ingredients – metronidazole and miconazole. A useful remedy for mixed vaginal infections.
  • The line of products – tablets, cream and vaginal suppositories – with the active ingredient ketoconazole. It refers to imidazole derivatives, suitable for the treatment of acute and chronic vaginal candidiasis.
  • The line of means “Clotrimazole” with the same active ingredient from the class of imidazoles. The following forms are available for external and local use (intravaginal): suppositories, ointment, cream, gel.
  • Vaginal tablets “Klion-D 100” – are used to quickly relieve the symptoms of thrush (irritation, itching of genital lips, burning). Release the tool based on a combination of metronidazole and miconazole. Can be used from 13 years.

The duration of the course of therapy prescribed by a doctor varies from 1 to 7-14 days.

Before using a vaginal cream, suppository, gel or tablets, you should learn about the contraindications of drugs and side effects. Be sure to observe personal hygiene before, during and after treatment. A solution of potassium permanganate or furacilin is used for washing, the skin in the inguinal folds is washed with water and antibacterial soap. It is not recommended to get too carried away with various detergents – they violate the natural microflora, change the pH in the direction of the alkaline range.

How to Get Rid of Thrush in 1 Day with the Help of Folk Remedies?

fast treatment of thrush

Washing away, bathing and douching with furatsilina solution, chamomile or calendula infusion are popular home remedies for candidiasis. Folk remedies allow you to get rid of thrush in 24–72 hours. Quickly cure thrush helps the use of solutions of salt, sodium bicarbonate and tincture of iodine. Prepare a means of 1 liter of water and 2 tbsp. l salt. Bring to a boil, remove from heat, cool to approximately 40 ° C. Then dissolve 1 tbsp. l soda and filter the liquid. Then add 5 drops of iodine tincture. The solution is used for douching in the morning and evening, several times.

It is possible to use calendula tincture solution for scrubbing, for douching – an infusion of sage, chamomile and a succession. The finished product must be cooled to a temperature of 37–38 ° C, filtered, applied once a day. Used for self-treatment of candidiasis decoction of oak bark. The tool has an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic action. In addition, conduct douching and washing with infusion of nettle or St. John’s wort, carrot juice or viburnum, dissolved in water.

Lack of itching and discharge does not mean the end of treatment

In milder forms of thrush, on the first day after the start of use of the antifungal agent, unpleasant symptoms almost disappear. Even if it was possible to quickly cure thrush, in most cases the risk of recurrence in the future remains. If the symptoms return, the use of the same means as before, does not give a therapeutic effect. Yeast fungi acquire resistance to antimycotic drugs, so it is so difficult to cope with them at home.

More attention should be paid to maintaining the natural composition of the microflora of the intimate sphere. The pH value should be in the range of 4.5–5.5, closer to the acidic and neutral ranges. Lactic acid in the composition of special hygiene products for women helps to maintain values ​​that are safe for beneficial microorganisms.

The following important activities on the way to sexual health are the improvement of the endocrine system, strengthening the immune system. These goals will serve as a medical examination, treatment of related gynecological, endocrine diseases, proper nutrition, vitamin therapy.

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