Is It Possible to Cure Flaking of Pubic Skin?


People who have scaly skin on the pubis should understand that you can get rid of this problem very quickly by going on an internal examination by a dermatologist. The fact is that in 70% of cases the reason lies in contact dermatitis, which can be eliminated only by eliminating the allergen. Any peeling on the pubis brings a lot of discomfort, especially if it is accompanied by weeping and itching. Let’s try to figure out which diseases can trigger this symptom and can we get rid of it on our own?

The Reasons

If the pubic skin is peeled off after shaving, the reason may lie either in an allergic reaction to the machine’s blades or in violation of personal hygiene rules. If itching, redness and rash is added to the flaking, then we can talk about the following diseases:

flaking skin on bubic causes
  1. Epidermofitiya inguinal. A very common fungal disease, more common in males. Most often, the lesions are located in the interpycotic folds, on the inner side of the thighs, the genitals, and the pubic zone. A distinctive feature – scaly spots in the groin of red and dark brown. May be accompanied by itching and burning.
  2. Contact dermatitis. It is also very common, only here already in both sexes. Allergic reactions are usually caused by panty liners, razors, synthetic or narrow underwear, latex products, etc. A distinguishing feature is a multitude of small red pimples accompanied by severe itching, swelling and redness. Localization – the pubis, genitals and perianal zone.
  3. Candidiasis. Another common fungal disease that can cause scaling of pubic skin. It is more common in women, in men it can be asymptomatic. In some cases, a candidal infection may spread to the pubic area. A distinctive feature – the fist-sized spots, inside which are white peeling. Accompanied by severe itching, burning sensation and pain during urination.
  4. Pediculosis. In this case, we are talking about pubic lice, which can cause not only a terrible itch, but also a strong desquamation in the pubic area. The distinctive feature is unbearably itchy in the groin and a slight redness in the perianal area.
  5. Erythrasma. A common bacterial skin lesion, which manifests itself in the form of large peeling on the pubis, buttocks and the inner side of the thighs. Very often confused with athlete’s groin. One of the main differences is the lack of subjective sensations during erythrasma. To confirm the diagnosis requires mycological examination.

You can also pay attention to rubromycosis in the groin, which can be localized not only on the genitals and the inner side of the thighs, but also the pubic zone.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Contact dermatitis involves the elimination of the allergen, so many doctors recommend at the time to abandon the use of things and substances in contact with the pubic zone. So you can quickly identify allergies to soap, synthetics, cream, shower gel or wool.

If the pubic skin began to peel off immediately after shaving, then the affected area can be treated with moisturizer or baby powder. Within 2-3 days everything should go. In all other cases, it is better to immediately contact a dermatologist, since even he does not always succeed in determining the disease with which you are confronted. To confirm the diagnosis may require scraping from the lesions and microscopic examination.

Inguinal athlete and rubromycosis are treated only with antifungal agents. At the initial stage, you can do with local preparations:

flaking skin on bubic itching
  1. Clotrimazole;
  2. Triderm;
  3. Pimafucort;
  4. Exif;
  5. Belosalic.

A long course of treatment is usually 1 month. Any of the first four ointments are used 2-3 times a day for 7-10 days, then Belosalic until the process subsides.

Systemic therapy is used only in advanced cases. Dermatologists usually prescribe the following drugs:

flaking skin on bubic treatment
  • Miconazole;
  • Terbinafine;
  • Lamisil.

Very often, dermatologists combine taking systemic preparations with ointments. A common recipe: 1 tablet of Lamisil 2 times a day + treatment of lesions with the Akriderm GK ointment 3 times a day for 10 days. Then Belosalic until the complete disappearance of symptoms. In advanced cases, accompanied by unbearable itching, antihistamines are also shown.

Thrush is also treated with antifungal drugs aimed at controlling fungi of the genus Candida. If you find the first signs, you can quickly overcome the disease by combining the drug Fluconazole and clotrimazole ointment. Fluconazole is enough one pill 150 mg. The ointment is used for 5-7 days until the symptoms subside.

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