Is It Difficult to Treat Thrush in Men at Home?


We need to start with the fact that thrush in men is called candidal balanoposthitis and is much less common than in women. If we omit the terms and speak in simple language, candidiasis is a fungal skin disease caused by yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida, which exceed the permissible amount in a healthy person. Immediately it should be noted that male thrush usually manifests inflammation on the head and foreskin. Many doctors claim that thrush is a female disease, as yeast does not take root well on the male genital organs. Therefore, with the appearance of the first symptoms, it is necessary to be on the alert, since problems can begin with both immunity and end with serious urogenital diseases.

The Main Symptoms of Male Thrush

Despite the fact that in 80% of cases the thrush in men is asymptomatic, there are a number of signs by which you can even determine the candidal balanoposthitis itself:

Subjective sensations such as itching and soreness during urination may also be associated with all visible symptoms.

Any symptom of thrush in a man should induce him to consult a doctor, as the treatment started in a timely manner guarantees a quick recovery and no recurrence in the future.

Photo of Thrush in Men

Common Forms

Since most men even have no idea what a thrush looks like, they are often diagnosed with the disease in an advanced form. From here we have the following forms of candidal balanoposthitis:

  • erosive;
  • membranous;
  • erythema-pustular.

The erosive form is characteristic itching and burning of the glans penis, while the membranous one may experience slight swelling and redness of the head and foreskin, erythema-pustular form characterized by the appearance of small pimples and pimples along the entire length of the penis.

Also, doctors divide candidal infections into the following forms:

  • Spicy Lasts no more than 2 months. During this period, the patient may experience hyperemia and swelling of the head of the penis and the appearance of small vesicles on it.
  • Chronic. It develops against the background of acute candidiasis, which has not been treated. Characterized by persistent relapses, the attachment of a secondary infection, most often of the urogenital type.
  • Candidate. Men are carriers in isolated cases, as thrush is still a female disease. It is women who can become a source of infection, both through the birth canal and through sexual intercourse.

Immediately you need to pay attention that running thrush in men can be treated for years, so if you find the first signs of candidiasis, it is better to consult a doctor.

Diagnosis and Treatment

I would also like to pay a lot of attention to the obsessive attitude of girls towards male thrush. Very often, doctors recommend mutual treatment of both sexual partners, even in cases where one of them has no symptoms of the disease. There is a persistent statement: if a man has no signs of a candida infection, then no treatment is required and he only has to follow the rules of personal hygiene. For the period of treatment women can refuse sexual intercourse in order to further protection.

Diagnosis is carried out on the basis of the clinical picture and microscopic examination. Microscopy involves taking a smear (cheesy discharge) from the mucous membrane of the patient’s genitals. Microscopy should show the number of colonies of microbes and conduct a preliminary identification of fungi.

In cases of chronic thrush, nonspecific urethritis may be present, with the cure of which you can get rid of even the most advanced candidiasis.

Treatment of thrush at home is allowed in the case when it is not possible to seek help from a specialist. Success will depend on the form of candidiasis, since with the first symptoms, one tablet of Fluconazole and a weekly course of Clotrimazole 2 times a day will suffice.

What Can Happen if a Man Does not Treat Thrush?

I would not want to frighten anyone, but if a man develops chronic thrush and lack of adequate treatment, the most harmless thing that may be – problems with the urinary ducts. The development of urethritis and prostatitis is also observed. There are also cases of damage to the internal organs and nails. According to statistics, more than 10% of men suffering from chronic candidal balanoposthitis and ignoring treatment are fruitless.

Do not ignore this infection also because there is a high probability of infection of the child through the birth canal, since fungi are very resistant microorganisms. This in the future will greatly affect the immunity of the child. But once again I would like to draw attention to the fact that all of the above appears only if you ignore the first symptoms of thrush and refuse treatment.

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