How to Treat Lichen with Folk Remedies?


The cause of various infectious and inflammatory skin diseases – fungi, viruses, bacteria. People have long called the lesions of the skin “deprived.” Doctors add to the common name of the definition – ringworm, pink, multiplexus versicolor, shingles, scaly. For the treatment of depriving folk remedies will require natural products, herbs and other natural “healers”. Pharmacy underfoot does not dry out, only use it should be prudent, so as not to harm themselves and others.

Why Do We Turn to Alternative Medicine?

treatment of lichen with folk remedies

There is no shortage of pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of various diseases. Developed by scientists and tested in medical centers, drugs that destroy skin and nail fungus, reduce the activity of viruses, increase immunity. They are not without side effects, so many people are picky about the choice of drugs for treatment. Although not all folk remedies are 100% safe, many also have side effects. This should be taken into account before treating versicolor at home, especially without consulting a doctor.

Infusions, juices and tinctures of plants, natural oils, livestock products are softer, have a more diverse composition. So, chamomile baskets contain about 50 different physiologically active substances. One plant helps to cure many diseases. Another example: British researchers found out during the experiment that the antiseptic properties of thyme are stronger than those of benzoyl peroxide. This synthetic substance is part of the therapeutic cream, and the price of one tube is over $ 10.

Synthetic origin, high cost, addiction – these are the main reasons why the population is ready to abandon pharmaceutical drugs in favor of folk remedies (within reasonable limits).

Sometimes cheap pharmaceutical drugs and expensive new pharmaceutical market contain the same active substances, and the cost of the latter is ten times higher. One of the reasons is the huge costs of an aggressive advertising campaign, product promotion on the market. Sometimes the population is simply misinformed, according to the doctor of medical sciences, president of the Society of Evidence-Based Medicine Professionals, Professor V. V. Vlasov.

The English journalist Christopher Bryson spoke even more frankly in his book “Fluorine is a big deception”. Manipulations of public opinion, juggling of facts and falsification of research results – to which only pharmaceutical companies do not go for profit.

How to Help from Depriving Homemade Ointment?

cure of lichen with home remedies

The most suitable conditions for the treatment of depriving folk remedies – the weekend, vacation. Some substances need to be carefully rubbed, prepare ointments in a water bath. Other drugs have a strong odor, so at work colleagues will wrinkle their nose and turn away disgustingly.

Valuable properties of a mixture of powder of sulfur, liquid tar and goose fat, prepared by heating in a water bath. It is recommended to apply sulfur tar tar ointment twice a day. If you are worried about a strong smell, then you can limit yourself to a single treatment of the affected area. Unlike many pharmaceuticals, the ointment base also has healing properties, it is very useful for the skin, unlike medical petroleum jelly (a product of oil distillation).

Sulfur and birch tar – the means of traditional medicine that will help cope with depriving.

Birch tar is used in veterinary medicine to treat lichen. The product of wood and birch bark distillation contains phenolic substances that act detrimentally on depriving pathogens. Add the agent in soap and shampoo for washing the head. The composition of pharmaceutical and household ointments include medical sulfur, soluble in water, in contrast to the technical and chemical product.

Some folk remedies for lichen is prepared on the basis of propolis. Bee glue contains vitamins, polyphenols, terpenes, natural antibiotics, salicylic acid, microelements – more than 150 substances. Propolis has many valuable properties – antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, analgesic. Bee glue is poorly soluble in water, good in alcohol. Prepare 10 or 20% tincture, treat the affected skin with it several times a day.

Extraction ointment made using finely powdered propolis. Dissolve with constant stirring in butter, heated in a water bath (the beneficial substances of bee glue are destroyed at 80 ° C). Animal fat can be replaced with olive oil or petroleum jelly. The ratio of propolis and oil – 1: 4. Prepare this type of ointment also in a water bath. After dissolving the propolis, the liquid must be filtered. Apply ointment to the affected area of ​​the skin twice a day, top bandage.

Treatment of Phytotherapy Depriving

They will help to cope with the manifestations of ringworm and multi-colored lichening of phyto-essences – tea tree, thyme, lavender, basil. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to jojoba oil. Apply similar folk remedies for depriving them first on a gauze napkin, then applied to the affected area. Or mix 1 ml of olive oil with 3 drops of tea tree oil, then smear the inflammatory spots on the skin.

Natural antiseptics for lotions, compresses, baths and baths that help to treat lichen on the skin:

cure of lichen with folk remedies
  • tincture of 4 cloves of garlic in a bottle of natural apple cider vinegar (0.5 l);
  • spirit tincture and water extract of wormwood;
  • alcohol tincture of birch buds;
  • turmeric powder and water paste;
  • walnut leaf infusion;
  • juice and pieces of aloe leaves;
  • tincture of calendula flowers;
  • juice of ripe cranberries;
  • tincture of celandine.

Ginger contains about 20 compounds with antifungal activity. This is a good treatment for ringworm and multi-colored lichen. Prepare ginger tea from fresh rhizomes: cut into slices and brew in a cup of boiling water. Then they insist 5–10 minutes and add honey to taste. It is taken internally several times a day and compresses are made with a gauze cloth moistened with ginger tea. The tool has a disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect, helps in the rapid restoration of the skin.

Extracts of plants have disinfecting properties, soothe itching, improve the appearance of the skin.

In the process of depriving people of folk remedies, it is important not to forget about the hygienic requirements and rules. It is necessary to maintain the purity of the affected skin and the whole body. Many folk remedies themselves are antiseptic, have cleansing properties. Unfortunately, natural products spoil faster than pharmaceutical preparations. Alcohol, honey, salt, vinegar have good preservative properties. It is recommended to observe the shelf life, leave unused funds in the refrigerator.

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