How to Relieve Itching Caused by Thrush at Home?


Many women face such an unpleasant pathology as thrush. The disease is manifested by severe itching that constantly brings discomfort. In addition, concerned with the selection resembling cheese.

Thrush – Is It a Dangerous Diseases?

If you are worried about unpleasant odor and itching, then you need to deal not with the symptoms of diseases, but with the causes that caused it.

In order to get rid of thrush, you need to do the destruction of the fungus, for this use candles and sprays, as well as drugs. Relieve itching with thrush can be suppressive therapy, the duration of which is about six months.

In order to get rid of unpleasant symptoms, you need to use simple tips. Apply douching, such as potassium permanganate. After that, redness and itching will stop bothering. But even if the symptoms have disappeared, it does not mean that the disease has receded.

How to Get Rid of Burning and Itching in Thrush?

itching caused by thrush help

At home, you can use folk remedies. Remove unpleasant discharge with smell, itching, it is possible with the help of irrigation of the vagina, using a solution of sodium chloride or soda.

It is possible to eliminate the symptoms of candidiasis using tampons with tea tree oil, you can buy it at any pharmacy. Thanks to the manipulation, inflammation will disappear, the bacteria will be destroyed, the microflora will be restored. You can make such a healing tampon yourself. Dilute tea tree oil with boiled water, make a tampon with a bandage, dip it in the tool and insert it into the vagina.

Borax in glycerin is a good remedy in the fight against thrush. The solution is wiped by the fungus. You can buy it at the pharmacy.

Most women are attracted to the use of folk remedies for the treatment of thrush, as they are cheap and safe. Another good way is a decoction of viburnum color. Prepare the tincture can be self – one spoonful of viburnum color, pour a glass of boiling water, put to infuse for several hours. Do the dredging with the finished product.

To carry out such procedures can and medicinal herbs, many of them have antiseptic effects. You can assign here – juniper, calendula, St. John’s wort, oak bark.

To prepare the herbal tincture for douching of herbs, take three tablespoons of pre-dried plants, pour a glass of water. Let it brew for about two hours, strain and perform douching.

Honey is another popular treatment. They can cure many gynecological diseases, but only if the product is not allergic. Just lubricate the vagina several times a day, after a few days you will notice that the unpleasant smell and itching has disappeared.

How to Relieve Itching Caused by Thrush during Pregnancy?

Many pregnant women ask how to relieve itching for thrush during pregnancy, if you can not use drugs? Foodstuffs, vegetables and fruits, undoubtedly remain useful in treatment. It also happens that in order to successfully cope with the disease, you just need to follow the rules of personal hygiene and eat the right food. But, unfortunately, this is not always enough, only if the disease has just begun to develop. The development of such events for a pregnant woman, of course, is most favorable, since it is impossible to take medications.

Relieve itching for thrush – useful tips for expectant mothers:

itching caused by thrush treatment
  1. When wearing daily pads, change them as often as possible, or refuse them completely.
  2. In hot weather, avoid being in the sun for a long time, give up excessive physical exertion.
  3. For the entire period of treatment, do not have sexual intercourse.
  4. Normalize your psychological state.

It is absolutely impossible to take oral means in order to cure thrush for pregnant women. In order to carry out local treatment, you can use the pills and candles that are inserted into the vagina.

The doctor should choose the medicinal product, based on its safety on the fetus:

  1. Clotrimazole.
  2. Nystatin.
  3. Pimafucin.

Since the opportunity to go to the doctor may not be, many expectant mothers begin to douche or take baths with potassium permanganate or chamomile, this is not worth it. And without the dry mucous will be overdried even more.

Syringe during pregnancy can not in any case, it can provoke a miscarriage or harm an unborn baby.

itching due to thrush

You also can not use drugs systemic use – Flucostat or Fluconazole. But then how to relieve the itch of thrush? Use candles, as mentioned above, you can.

The disadvantage of treatment in pregnant women is that recurrences often occur. Due to the fact that the body’s hormonal levels are disturbed, the microflora in the vagina changes. But the benefit of the disease is not dangerous for the baby.

Thrush is a common disease that, unfortunately, many face. If you start treatment on time, you can avoid undesirable consequences and relapse in the future.

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