How to Overcome Persistent Itching of the Head?


Regular itching that occurs on the scalp leads to scratching, wounds and even plaques. It looks unaesthetic, creates problems in life, burning when washing and combing. Why is head itching so unpleasant? Should I immediately suspect in myself various diseases or can I limit myself to just changing the shampoo? Let’s see.

Hygienic and Natural Causes

The most common and easily removable reason for wanting to itch is poor hygiene. If, after washing, you feel relief, are combing and sores – it means that your skin is freed from excess fat, the pores are no longer clogged.

Hair should be washed 1-3 times a week, i.e. best to do it every other day. Live with this regime of bath procedures for at least 2-3 weeks and evaluate the result. If the discomfort is still strong, think about other reasons:

itching of the head causes
  • Cosmetic allergy – it may be that your head itches from shampoo or a new makeup that appears on your shelf. Prefer good quality brands of professional care products.
  • Dry skin. If you see greasy spots at the roots, this does not always mean that you have a fat type of epidermis. Perhaps you “burned” the skin with paints, curling hair, a hairdryer, a perm, lightening agents. You can help shampoos with moisturizing ingredients, as well as balms and masks.
  • Avitaminosis. The lack of nutrients in the diet affects the state of the body and overall health. The scalp is a vulnerable area, one of the first to respond to a vitamin deficiency.
  • Stress. If the last few days you have been in a strong nervous tension, then be prepared for negative reactions of the body. Scalping of the skin is one of the consequences of your unrest. It helps light sedatives, decoctions of herbs (you can drink like tea, or wash an itchy area).
  • Pregnancy. The period when the whole body is activated for the sake of a great goal – to carry a healthy child. At this time, many chronic diseases appear, with new hormonal background may appear new. Itchy head, hands, stomach – it is quite possible that this is just the body’s reaction to the changed state. Even in pregnant women, the nervous system is quite vulnerable, which is equivalent to stress. Strokes and light massaging movements on the hair will help.

We have listed the reasons that can cause itching even in a healthy person. If the sensations are unpleasant and haunt you for a long time, a visit to the trichologist will be the best solution. He will conduct examinations and prescribe treatment based on the overall picture of well-being.


There are diseases that cause itching, ulcers, ulcers, dandruff. They need to be treated, in some cases even in stationary conditions. Consider which diseases affect the scalp:

itching of the head treatment
  1. Seborrhea is a type of dermatitis that affects only the skin of the scalp. It can be inherited, but sometimes it appears as a result of disruption of the functioning of internal organs. With prolonged absence of treatment can lead to baldness. Divided into two types: dry and oily. The first is familiar to all who have felt for themselves what dandruff is. Add to this a strong itch, lifeless hair and cross section of their tips. We get the overall clinical picture of dry seborrhea. With oily seborrhea, hair looks greasy, dirty, even with daily washing of the head. The skin is clogged, from which there is a feeling of “lack of washer” of hair. On the surface of the epidermis, pathogenic organisms begin to develop, causing itching, inflammation, and then small wounds from scratching. On the skin are visible pores, she herself – shiny and oily. Treatment should begin as soon as possible, before global hair loss has begun. Trichologist will recommend a special diet, immunomodulators, shampoos for seborrhea.
  2. Psoriasis. This disease in its manifestation is similar to oily seborrhea, but has a different origin. This chronic inflammation of the skin occurs due to the accelerated change of the epidermis. The body reacts sharply to unnatural rates. Itching, white scales of dying layers of the cover, red spots appear.
  3. Deprive is an infectious disease that must be treated in a hospital under the supervision of a specialist dermatologist. Manifested in the form of wounds, ulcers with a crust, hair loss on the affected areas, itching. The disease is transmitted from animals and people.
persistent itching of the head

Violation of fat metabolism leads to blockage of the pores, the appearance of flaking, reduced skin elasticity. Metabolism directly affects the condition of the hair and nails.

The consequences of a stroke. Here, the reason is not in the state of the skin – the work of parts of the brain is disturbed, so they can notify about their “bad state of health”. The man begins to complain that it is scratching his head at the back of the head, in the frontal part. In addition to the mandatory therapy, you can help the patient with a light massage of the head. Improving blood circulation will relieve stress.

If you are worried about itching for a long time, go to a dermatologist or trichologist. The specialist will be able to choose for you a special treatment based on history.

Clearly describe your symptoms, the time and frequency of their appearance, which preceded the onset of an unpleasant state. Additional blood tests and examinations may be required to make an unequivocal conclusion about the cause of the itch.

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