How to Get Rid of Itching in the Groin Area?


We all sometimes itch in the groin and other parts of the body. This is a common occurrence, not causing any suspicion. But, there are cases when redness and rashes join the itching, which may indicate the presence of a venereal or fungal disease. Not only does it not look aesthetically pleasing, it causes a lot of discomfort in everyday life, it can also be dangerous to health if it is not adequately treated.

Causes of Itching

There are a lot of diseases provoking severe itching in the groin, ranging from the usual scabies to serious venereal diseases. But, most often the reason for itching in the groin is in the following diseases:

itching in the groin area
  1. Inguinal athlete. Very contagious fungal disease, which often affects men. Sexually transmitted and through personal effects. Excess weight, excessive sweating and frequent damage and maceration of the skin in the groin area are considered to be provocative factors. Characteristic differences are severe itching and scaly patches in the groin, on the inner side of the thighs, and between the crotch folds.
  2. Rubrofitiya inguinal. Another fungal infection of the skin, one of the symptoms of which is severe itching in the groin. Together with it, rubromycosis is accompanied by the appearance of peeling and large dark-colored spots. Most often affected inguinal-femoral folds, buttocks, pubic region and the inner side of the thighs.
  3. Erythrasma. This pseudo mycosis is equally found in men and women. Characteristic differences are considered – the defeat of the huge brown spots of the inguinal-femoral folds. In men, lesions can spread on the penile head and the foreskin, in women – on the mammary glands. In rare cases, it can be very itchy in the groin and near the perianal area. Persistent and severe itching is observed in cases of recurrence of erythrasma and the accession of a secondary infection. At the same time, swelling and diaper rash in the scrotum and the inner side of the thighs may be present.
  4. Yeast-like fungi. In some cases, thrush can manifest itself not only in the form of rashes, redness and discharge on the genitals, but also in the form of a strong itch in the groin. This symptom is characteristic of advanced thrush and is accompanied by the appearance of redness or small rashes in the groin area.
  5. Allergic reaction. The most common cause of intense and incessant itching in the groin area, in both men and women. In this case, the blame for all the allergen, which can lurk in the laundry detergent, soap, shower gel or even the fabric from which underwear is made. Distinctive signs of allergy – the appearance of many small pimples, redness and slight swelling on the pubis and the inside of the legs.

And apart from the list I would like to talk about the rules of personal hygiene, ignoring of which can also lead to an itch in the perineum. Usually observed in people whose work is associated with long-distance travel, where it is not possible to take a shower regularly.

How to Get Rid of an Itch in the Groin?

In cases when itching in the groin for more than a week and peeling, spots and swelling began to appear, a personal examination by a dermatovenereologist is necessary. Itching without any external signs should take place within 1-2 two days.

In case of inguinal athlete’s disease, the use of Pimafucin will be ineffective, since dermatophytes are less susceptible to the drug.

itching in the groin women

When one of these fungal diseases is detected, antifungal drugs of local or systemic action (usually Clotrimazole, Triderm, Fluconazole, Terbinafin, and Pimafucin) can be prescribed.

If for some reason it is not possible to see a doctor, but you need to relieve acute itching, then you can do this with the help of antihistamines Cetrin, Claritin or Suprastin.

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