How to Deal with Cracked and Flaky Skin Between the Toes?


If the skin between your toes cracks, then there is a high probability that you are faced with a fungal disease on feet that will not go away by itself. And if you add to the wounds still severe itching and unpleasant smell, which are observed in 90% of patients, then you can imagine what kind of discomfort in question. But, is it always a matter of the fungus between the toes or the symptoms can be caused by other diseases or the usual non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene? Let’s try to figure it out.


The most innocent reason for your skin cracking and flaking between your toes is incorrectly chosen shoes. This phenomenon is typical for girls who, in the race for fashion, can neglect comfort and wear narrow shoes that negatively affect the foot. There are other reasons for the occurrence of this disease:

  • Epidermofitiya foot. A very common fungal disease, the main symptoms of which are cracks in the heels and between the toes, accompanied by severe itching, peeling, redness and an unpleasant smell. In the running forms, the nail plates may be affected, and wounds may crack to the blood. Infection usually occurs in baths, gyms and public showers.
  • Rubromycosis of the feet. It is also a very common fungal infection localized between the toes, on the heels and nail plates. The main symptoms are burning, weeping, cracks and itching in the area of ​​interdigital folds. In advanced cases, skin flaking and bleeding in the area of ​​lesions may occur. Infection occurs after personal contact with the patient and through bath accessories.
  • Candidiasis. Very rarely, but still there are cases when yeast fungi spread from the genitals and mucous membranes to the feet and nail plates. Manifestations of candidiasis are accompanied by dryness of the skin, which is constantly cracking and climbing. Sores form between the toes and on the creases of the foot.
  • Allergic reaction. You do not often see manifestations of eczema or contact dermatitis on the feet, and this happens, especially in young children. Allergen may be synthetic shoes or socks. Distinctive symptoms – the appearance of many small blisters in the interdigital folds and on the foot, burning, redness and itching.

It is also impossible to exclude the possibility of peeling and wounds between the toes due to hyperhidrosis of the feet or overweight. Even avitaminosis can lead to the fact that the skin in places of folds on the foot may crack.

Photo of Cracked and Flaky Skin between the Toes

Diagnosis and Treatment

It is very difficult to independently determine the cause of cracks between the fingers and on the foot, since even experienced dermatologists do not always have a full-time examination to immediately make an accurate diagnosis and, for example, to distinguish the athlete’s foot from ruberitis. If the symptoms do not disappear within 2-3 days, and the wounds only increase in size, then it is better not to self-medicate and make an appointment with a dermatologist.

Epidermophyton of feet at the initial stage can be cured with the help of local preparations, such as:

  • treatment of cracks between the toes of Clotrimazol – 3 times a day for 7-10 days;
  • Terbinafin – 2 times during the week;
  • Miconazol – 2 times within 1 week.

A combination of imidazole ointments and hydrocortisone. In advanced stages or at-risk patients, systemic therapy can be prescribed using modern, synthetic antifungal drugs.

Rubromycosis of the feet is usually treated with the help of anti-mycotic topical agents:

  • cream nizoral;
  • ointment Mycozoral;
  • Batrafen solution and ointment;
  • cream and solution Exoderil, etc.

Regardless of the type of fungus, a prerequisite for successful recovery are:

  1. treatment of cracks between the fingers, footwork and disinfection of shoes;
  2. processing of linen (socks, sheets);
  3. the use of powder and powder;
  4. refusal to visit public showers, pools and baths at the time of treatment;
  5. wearing only his shoes and slippers.

To get rid of candidiasis on the legs, you can use azole and triazole antifungal drugs:

  • Itraconazol;
  • Fluconazol;
  • Ketoconazol.

If cracks and peeling between the toes are caused by hyperhidrosis of the feet or an allergic reaction, then the underlying disease should be treated. Many doctors argue that people who have problems with excess weight and heavy sweating feet, are several times more likely to experience hyperhidrosis and fungal diseases.

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