How to Cure Rash on the Genital Lips in Women?


The appearance of skin rashes on the genital lips causes a lot of discontent and physical discomfort, which can be aggravated by the accompanying symptoms in the form of desquamation, severe itching, and odor. In 60% of cases, women experience fungi of the genus Candida, which can cause many vaginal infections.


rash on gental lips treatment

The area of genital lips and the skin around them are most susceptible to rash, rarely manifested in the pubic zone. A rash on the lips of the mouth has no similarity in clinical symptoms, as well as in appearance. All reasons can be divided into two groups: internal and external.

In this case, the rash may be caused by mild irritation after depilation or by the body’s response to synthetic materials. The skin very often reacts in this way to the pads, tight underwear. Allergic reaction can provoke intimate hygiene products, shower gels, condoms. We should not forget about sexually transmitted diseases, which most often provoke the appearance of lesions on the genitals in women and men.

In no case is it recommended to pick, rip and carry out any manipulations to remove acne. Especially without pre-treatment of hands and tools with hydrogen peroxide. There is a high risk of attaching a secondary infection, which can provoke inflammation and a purulent process.


Rash on the genitals, may indicate the following diseases:

rash on labia
  • Genital herpes. Not satisfying painful rash, sexually transmitted. The period of incubation of the virus lasts about 20 days, after the characteristic symptoms begin to appear. The very first itching occurs, followed by a rash, accompanied by burning and painful sensations. During this period, an increase in body temperature is also observed. Treatment of genital herpes should be carried out with the help of antiviral drugs: Acyclovir, Valacyclovir and Famciclovir.
  • Seborrheic cysts (Fordyce granules). Absolutely harmless formations, which are very often confused with the symptoms of serious pathologies. Rash on the lips of the genital lips due to the inherent reactions of the skin, have the same shape and light pigment. Cystic manifestations most often occur in girls aged 13-18 years and women after 30 years. It is not recommended to remove Fordyce granules for no good reason, since no one will guarantee that in time they will not appear again.
  • Bartholinitis. Pathological process of inflammation of the Bartholin gland, which is located next to the vagina. Non-compliance with the principles of personal hygiene, frequent sexual intercourse can cause the appearance of Bartolinite. As a result, under the skin there is a painful hardening, which indicates the penetration of the pathogens causing the infection. Bartholinitis must be treated with antibiotics, and pain suppressed by antihistamines.
  • Furuncle. These rashes on the gentle lips are often called acne. Boils form on different parts of the body, in the area of ​​the hair follicles. The activation of the process is provoked by microorganisms (staphylococcus, streptococcus), trapped inside. Having found a pimple on the lips of the genital lips with a white rod, no need to take any measures, and wait until he is free. If education does not pass, increases in size, hurts or manifests, then it is recommended to visit a surgeon. Most often, you can do a small incision and cleaning the lesion, after which there will not even remain a trace in place of the former furuncle. The main thing – do not bring infection!
  • Molluscum contagiosum is a rash filled with a turbid liquid and usually localized to the face, groin and genitals. You can get infected from a sick person through a kiss or sexual contact. Shellfish are rarely accompanied by pain, itching or redness. But, it is necessary to remove them, as it is possible to become a source of infection for other people. You can take advantage of modern technologies (cryodestruction, electrocoagulation) or the time-tested method – exfoliation of Volkmann’s mollusk with a spoon. The procedure is carried out by the surgeon in compliance with all hygiene rules.
  • Human papillomavirus. It may cause one or more eruptions on the genital lips of women. Over the course of the process, they are transformed into hanging structures of 2-5 mm in size. You can become infected through sexual contact or through personal hygiene items (cleansers, toothbrush, razor, etc.). It is advisable to get rid of them as soon as possible, since girls can have genital warts causing cervical cancer. The oncogenicity of condyloma can only be determined after examining and establishing the type of HPV. Most often removed by cryodestruction, electrocoagulation and laser.
  • Thrush. The process of inflammation is located on the eve of the vagina, in the region of the large and small labia. On the skin are formed vesicles – small burgundy rash with watery contents inside the shell, which occurs during the separation of part of the epidermis as a result of the activity of fungal flora. After a few days, the rash burst, and in their place are formed erosive wounds, covered with a crust. The causative agent is Candida fungi. Intensify the process can – sexual contact, prolonged use of antibiotics, reduced immunity and non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene.
rash on labia causes

Rash on the genital lips of various nature is not recommended to treat yourself. At first glance, this is not a serious problem, but it can have external disturbances of the body and cause pathological changes. Experts approach the resolution of the diagnosis in a comprehensive manner, starting with a planned survey and ending with the diagnosis of the body, the study of biological materials. Bacteriological seeding of pustular material will determine the presence and type of fungi. Only by determining the pathogen can you make the correct treatment regimen and select effective drugs.

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