How to Cure Appeared Peeling of the Skin in the Groin?


If the skin starts to peel off in the groin, then this is the first bell to take a closer look at your lifestyle, since the reason may lie not only in poor hygiene, but also fungal diseases, which can be infected in public places or through close physical contact with a sick person. You should go to the doctor when additional clinical signs appear in the form of severe itching, swelling and dry spots. Most often, this problem worries men aged 20-45 years, less often women aged 25-24 years.

Possible Diseases

Note! Strange, but many people suffer for years from unbearable itching, peeling and redness in the groin area, preferring an independent selection of antifungal drugs. Due to aggressive treatment, an allergic reaction is added to the fungal infection, which at some point forces the patient to seek help from a doctor. The reason is trivial – the pain and itching are so strong that they prevent you from living a full life.

Peeling of the skin in the groin can be observed even in an absolutely healthy person. It can be caused by a variety of factors that do not have an infectious or fungal nature. In most cases, everything goes within 1-3 days, if not, the following diseases should be borne in mind:

  1. Contact allergic dermatitis. A common phenomenon not only for adults, but for children. The reason may be covered in bedding or underwear and personal care products. In women, flaking in the groin is very often observed after shaving. This can be explained by an allergic reaction to a razor that provokes irritation, dry skin and redness. Also, women often have an allergic reaction to the pads, which can also cause small pimples and peeling in the groin area. In children, diapers and diapers usually act as an allergen.
  2. Erythrasma Common pseudo mycosis, affecting people aged 20-55 years. Not very contagious. The clinical picture usually contains the appearance of small brown spots in the area of ​​inguinal-femoral folds, axillary fossae and mammary glands. In some cases, lesions may spread to the torso, legs, and even the genitals. At the initial stage, erythrasma can appear as small dark spots the size of a button, and later on, the lesions can merge, capturing large areas of skin. The surface of the spots is smooth, with peeling in the form of white scales always appears during the process. A distinctive feature of erythrasma is the absence of subjective sensations (provided there is no secondary infection).
  3. Inguinal athlete. Most often found inguinal fungus that affects the inner thighs, perianal region and scrotum. At the initial stage, scaly patches appear in the groin, which over the course of the process can merge with each other and form one large palm-sized lesion. There are also characteristic symptoms in the form of white flakes, severe coarsening and swelling of the skin, wheals and itching of varying intensity. A major role in the development of the inguinal athlete plays concomitant diseases (hyperhidrosis and diabetes). Infection most often occurs after a visit to a public bath, where all necessary norms for disinfecting a fungus are not observed. There is also a risk of infection in places with high humidity, where there is a favorable environment for the development of fungus (hot shops, baths, saunas, etc.).
  4. Rubrofitia large folds. Another fungal disease that usually affects the armpits, abdomen, and inguinal-femoral folds. Characteristic differences – the appearance on the skin of large dark spots that are covered with small scales. The process involves not only the upper layers of the skin, but also downy hair. In every second case there is a painful itching that can cause severe scratching. And with open wounds, there is always the risk of attaching a secondary infection. Infection occurs in the same way as with epidermomycosis.
  5. Psoriasis. We deliberately put this dermatosis in last place, as it is less common, but there are still cases when psoriasis affected the groin area. The initial stage is characterized by peeling, resembling oatmeal, dry skin and slight redness. Usually plaque in psoriasis is not accompanied by itching or pain. The surface is rough, with pressure it is sprinkled with white scales. The nature of education is hereditary. The process can be intensified by a normal stressful situation.

It should also be remembered that mechanical damage can also be one of the causes of scaling in the groin. Most often it is observed in girls, as they often carry out hair removal in the groin area.

Photo of Peeled off Skin in the Groin Area

Diagnosis and Treatment

Tip! If you find peeling of the skin in the groin, which does not hurt and does not itch, then you can lubricate it with a moisturizing cream and watch it for a couple of days. If the symptoms are complicated by swelling, rashes and redness, then it is better not to delay a visit to a dermatologist.

Diagnosis and treatment of psoriasis is a very serious process, as only the right therapy will help to stop the disease. Otherwise, exacerbations will be observed 3-4 times a year, even after minor disruptions of the immune system. Preparations are selected only by the attending physician on the basis of examining the clinical picture, the course of the disease and the presence of concomitant diseases. The differential diagnosis is carried out with lichen planus and lupus.

The situation is a bit simpler with inguinal mycoses, which are easily diagnosed based on characteristic symptoms and microscopic examination of scales from lesions. Having determined the fungus, the causative agent, the doctor selects the drug to which it is sensitive. At the initial stage, in 90% of cases, it is possible to get rid of mycosis within 7-15 days using the following external agents:

   Clotrimazole (ointment, topically for 7-10 days);

  •    Triderm;
  •    Mycosolon;
  •    Mykoseptin;
  •    Pimafucort;
  •    Lamisil;
  •    Pimafucin.

Good reviews are treatment of lesions with 2% iodine tincture and 3-5% sulfur and tar ointment for 7-10 days. Even after complete cure, the patient should take seriously the rules of personal hygiene, the fight against sweating and overweight. It is also recommended to completely abandon the wearing of synthetic underwear, which can provoke an allergic reaction.

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