How Should Be Organized Treatment of Nail Fungus with Birch Tar?


From the time of grandmother’s and grandfather’s stories, the fungus was treated with the simplest penny remedy of birch tar and from the experience of the elders it quickly enough helped to get rid of the illness. But this is not surprising, let’s consider what natural properties this product has.

Birch Tar

Birch tar from the toenail fungus is used because of its unique natural properties, namely:

effective treatment of nail fungus with help of birch tar
  • antiseptic:
  • regenerating;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • disinfectants;
  • anti-rotten, etc.

Treatment of nail fungus with birch tar is one of the most effective methods of traditional medicine due to the presence of such components as guaiacol, phenol, cresol, phytoncide.

Instructions for Usage

For the treatment of disease can be used as a pure product (freely sold in any pharmacy), and medicines, supplemented with other ingredients for ease of use.

The components of the drugInstruction
Pure birch tarWash your feet thoroughly.To steam out nails in a solution of a laundry soap (no more than 15 minutes).Washcloth to remove horny tissue.Cut to the maximum, fungus-affected nails.Apply a small amount of tar on dry nail plates and the skin under them for 90 minutes.Repeat the procedure every 3 days until a positive result (you can apply the tool on the insole of the usual shoes).In the tar, it is desirable to add castor or butter, as well as egg white in order not to overdry the treatment area.
Tar soapPour baby soap shavings into the water (100-120 g.).Sweat the mixture in a water bath until a sticky homogeneous mass.Add any essential oil (apricot, sea buckthorn) to the solution – 2 large spoons.In the cooled mixture add one large spoon of tar.Pour cooked soap in the form and wait for it to solidify.Treatment of nail fungus with birch tar in the form of soap can be done in two ways:in the water with the addition of one large spoon of baking soda to wash the resulting product and rubbing the entire surface of the foot with a rubbing motion, paying particular attention to the nails (repeat the procedure every day until treatment);apply foamed soap on washed and steamed nails, bandage the affected areas with a thin cloth and go to bed (repeat the treatment every day for 2 weeks, thoroughly washing the mixture with water in the morning).
Tar with bacon (or baby cream)Clean and steam the nails.Apply a mixture of tar and fat to the affected areas in a ratio of 1: 9.After 2 weeks of use, increase the concentration of the active substance by 4 times.Carry out the procedure before treatment.This method is suitable at the beginning of the fungal therapy to eliminate the allergic reaction to tar.
Sulfur and tar compressSteam out the feet in a solution with soap.Clean the affected surface with a sponge.Apply to the nail plate a mixture of tar, sulfur powder and fat in the proportion of 3: 2: 10.Apply a bandage to the treatment area and seal it with a plaster (it is better to perform the procedure overnight).In the morning wash the solution with water (do it every other day).Repeat the treatment until the nails improve.
Glycerin alcohol solutionTo carry out the cleansing procedure of nails.Wipe the affected areas with a mixture of glycerin, tar and alcohol (70 ml).After the procedure, lubricate the skin of the feet with cream.


Treatment of nail fungus with birch tar cannot be applied:

cure of nail fungus with help of birch tar
  • for a long time, if there are no visible changes for the better;
  • Contraindications if there is redness, itching or peeling of the tissues around the nail (allergic reaction);
  • with photodermatitis;
  • more than 2 weeks;
  • during childbirth and lactation;
  • with excessive dryness and thinning of the skin;
  • with individual intolerance.

It is also not recommended to use the services of folk remedies for deep mycoses of the feet, which require complex treatment with the use of modern antifungal and antihistamine drugs.

Reviews from People who Treated Nail Fungus with Help of Birch Tar

Elena, 36 years old: I am very glad that the first remedy I tried from the fungus is birch tar. He helped me in 5 days. Nail safely gone and growing new. I hope this trouble will not happen to me anymore. The only thing you need to be ready for is the smell. But believe me, this is a trifle compared to the medicinal properties of tar. It helps quickly, and the procedure is very simple. Recommend.

Jaroslav, 42 years: I have had nail fungus for several years. I did not want to take the pills because of liver problems. The composition that removes the nail, did not help. There was a relapse. I decided to try birch tar. I heard about this tool from my father. I regret not having done this before. Already on the 4th day I noticed a positive effect. The main thing is not to forget to smear and between the toes to remove all the particles of the fungus. You can use the usual tar soap, something that is darker. The effect will not be as fast as that of pure mass, but it will still be necessary.

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