How Can Person Remove a Nail Affected by Fungus at Home?


The removal of a nail infected with a fungus is performed when the affected area affects most of the organ and there is a danger of infection of the adjacent plates.


Other indications for the procedure are as follows:

  • ingrowth of infected nail plate;
  • affected nail prevents walk;
  • psychological discomfort.

There are cases when the disease extends to the entire foot. Then the treatment is difficult, and its terms are stretched. Therefore, it is recommended to remove such a nail. There are many ways to do it yourself at home.

Means for Removing the Affected Nail at Home

remove a nail affected by fungus with home remedies

In order to remove the nail with a fungus, you can use:

  1. medication methods (varnishes, ointments and creams);
  2. traditional medicine methods.

The current drug market offers many options for treating advanced cases of onychomycosis. Features of some drugs are discussed in the table below.

Drug name and release formFeatures of useNote
“Nogtivit” sachets with an emulsion of 15 gramsWash the feet with water;Steam in soda solution;Dry the affected area with a towel;Apply the cream on an infected nail, without touching healthy tissue (important);Do not remove the treated area with adhesive tape for 2-3 days;To file a part of the nail with a nail, after having preliminarily steam out the lesion area in soda solution.It does not cure, but only removes the damaged nail. It is recommended to use in combination with antifungal drugs.
Glue the adjacent nails and open skin with a plaster to avoid emulsion on them.
The procedure is repeated if necessary several times.
Be sure to comply with hygiene.
There are no contraindications.
If you are allergic, consult a doctor.
Onihoplast, plaster (balls of plastic mass in a jar)Treat a clean nail with an antifungal agent (for example, Yoduxunom);Knead the ball and stick on the affected area;Secure with a bandage of adhesive tape;Do not take 3-4 days;To remove the exfoliated pieces of the nail with pliers or scissors;Repeat the procedure up to 4 times if necessary.Before applying scrape the top layer of the nail file.
Protect the opening areas of the patch.
Mycospor, set and creamSteam the nail;Using a scraper to remove as much of the affected tissue as possible;Apply ointment;Seal the treatment area with a patch from the kit;Keep the day;Repeat every day.The kit contains:Cream;Plaster;File;Dispenser.Treatment is carried out no more than 2 weeks (important).To observe hygiene.Disinfection of shoes is required.Skin contact may cause dermatitis, itching or a rash.
Nogtimizin, creamSteam the nail in a soap-soda solution;Secure healthy tissue with a plaster;Apply a thick layer of cream on the affected nail and leave for 3 days, securing with a plaster;Scrape off the peeled fabric and repeat the steaming with the application of the agent.Used in combination with antifungal agents.Can not be used for wounds and scratches and allergies.Pregnant women and children are prohibited.
Lotseril, varnish or solutionRemove the nail file with a nail file;Wipe the affected area with a napkin from the kit;Cover the whole infected nail with a scapula;Repeat the procedure up to 2 times a week.Does not affect all types of fungi. Consultation and tests are required for use.Contraindicated in children and pregnant.In the set there are:Varnish;Napkins;Shoulder blades;Sawing.The course of treatment is up to a year.Burning is possible.

Removing a nail with a fungus using traditional medicine is possible in several ways:

remove a nail affected by fungus at home
  1. Ointment from eggs, dimethyl phthalate and vegetable oil is applied to the nail.
  2. The processed place is closed by a film. After some time, the softened infected tissue is removed by sawing.
  3. By analogy with the first method, the lesion site is treated with birch tar.
  4. Kombucha compress helps nail detachment.

Undoubtedly, the affected tissue should be removed, but the choice of means is a very important matter. Exfoliation of the nail at home can lead to:

remove a nail affected by fungus with folk remedies
  • Means for removing the damaged nail;
  • deformation of the nail plate;
  • chemical burn;
  • allergic reaction;
  • severe bleeding.

When deciding to remove the nail yourself, you need to weigh the pros and cons, be extremely careful and observe hygiene measures. After the procedure, it is recommended to visit the doctor and follow all his recommendations.

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