Celandine from Nail Fungus – Effective or No?


Celandine is a widespread plant in central Russia, which gives a bright yellow juice with a strong odor when the stalk breaks. Despite its toxicity, the plant is widely used in traditional medicine, including for getting rid of fungal nail infections.

Celandine Properties

Treatment of nail fungus celandine becomes possible due to the following properties of the plant:

celandine from nail fungus recipes
  1. anti-inflammatory;
  2. antimicrobial;
  3. inhibitory mitotic cell division;
  4. fungistatic.

The celandine from nail fungus is used precisely because of its last property. Fungistaticity – the ability of the plant to stop the active germination of the fungus deep into the nail. Celandine also has a fungicidal effect. This means that the plant not only stops cell division, but also kills the fungus, making the treatment more effective.

An additional anesthetic effect allows to relieve itching and burning, which are often accompanied by fungal diseases of toenails. In the preparation of healing agents is used not only a fresh plant, but also dried. There are many recipes for the use of various components.


Do not recommend using celandine from nail fungus separately from the main therapy, despite good reviews and effectiveness. This is due to the fact that the fungus is not always amenable to the effects of the plant. In the complex treatment, along with medication, several simple recipes based on celandine are used.

Option number 1. Butter

celandine from nail fungus cure

Widely used oil of celandine from nail fungus, available over the counter in any drugstore. It is best applied on the affected nail plate after thoroughly steaming the feet in water with soda. Before applying the oil it is important to thoroughly and wipe the limbs dry.

The procedure for applying oil is best done in the evening. It is also not recommended to do this while wearing open shoes, since the nails become orange due to the action of the oil. Each nail is treated with a separate stick, and then cotton socks are put on the legs.

Option number 2. Fresh Juice

In summer, when celandine is most accessible, you can lubricate the affected areas with fresh juice. Before lubricating feet soar in a warm bath and wipe dry. Apply the juice on the damaged nail plate is recommended as it dries, repeating the procedure 3-4 times. If you can not break the celandine, a similar scheme can be applied using oil.

Option number 3. Mixture

The plant can also be used as a mixture. The recipe is simple:

celandine from nail fungus treatment
  • 5-7 drops of celandine;
  • 2-3 drops of calendula tincture;
  • oregano juice also in the amount of 2 drops;
  • boiled water in the amount of 4 tablespoons.

The resulting mixture is covered with fungal nail plate.

Option number 4. Baths

Baths are made on the basis of decoction of celandine juice. To make it, the grass is taken in the amount of 4-5 spoons and poured with boiling water or, as an option, poured with cold water and brought to a boil. The broth is allowed to infuse and cool to an acceptable temperature, and then hover in it. Using prescriptions for treating celandine, you must remember that the procedures are carried out until the old nail is completely replaced by a new one.

Option number 5. Alcohol tincture

Alcohol tincture is prepared by pouring 2 tablespoons of celandine with a glass of alcohol. Mixture insist, and then necessarily diluted with distilled water. The resulting tincture is consumed in an amount of 15-20 drops daily inside before eating. This treatment method is only suitable for adults!

Option number 6. Ointment

You can prepare the ointment by mixing the freshly harvested crushed plant with fat in proportions of 1: 4. The ointment is allowed to infuse for a couple of days, and then applied daily to the affected nails before bedtime.


It is important to carefully handle the nails, trying not to touch the skin. The plant can cause severe burns as well as aggravating wounds and scratches, if any.

Celandine is a poisonous plant. It is forbidden to use it in the period of carrying a child or lactation, as it often provokes allergic reactions. Alcohol tincture is especially dangerous during these periods. Inside the celandine is not taken for asthma, as it is an allergen.


Reviews on the treatment of nail fungus celandine are mostly positive. This is due to the powerful fungicidal and fungistatic properties of the plant, which our ancestors have noticed. The juice in contact with the fungus burns the fungus cells that parasitize on the nail plate, preventing them from spreading.

The main disadvantage mentioned in the reviews is the duration of treatment. Celandine will have to be applied daily until the nail changed by the fungus is completely replaced with a new and completely healthy one, otherwise the treatment loses its meaning. Even despite the positive reviews, a mandatory consultation with a doctor is recommended before using traditional medicine recipes

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