Appearance of Red Spots on Penile Head – Is It a Reason for Alarm?


Even small red spots on the head in men can indicate the presence of an infection in the body of a veneral or fungal nature. In most cases, the specks are detected after unprotected intercourse, and this becomes the driving factor for entry to the dermatovenog. Strong itching, swelling, redness, burning sensation and pain during urination can also help not to visit a doctor. But, there are cases when small points on the head of the penis do not pose a serious danger and pass within 1-2 days.

Possible Reasons

Even prolonged use of antibiotics (especially those that suppress the immune system) can provoke the appearance of red spots on the head and foreskin. Usually they pass on their own within a week. This phenomenon is called drug candidiasis.

We have already decided that the appearance of red spots on the head in men can be caused by fungal, venereal and allergic diseases. Namely:

  • Contact dermatitis. A fairly common phenomenon that can provoke the appearance of red spots on the head of the penis, even in little boys. Allergens can be in diapers, diapers, shorts (especially synthetic), soap, washcloth or shower gel. The rash may be accompanied by severe itching and redness in the groin area. Pain and burning in the urethra occur in isolated cases.
  • Candidiasis. In other words, male thrush, which is characterized by the appearance of small red spots on the head and foreskin, which are usually accompanied by severe itching, white cheesy patina and unpleasant smell. This fungal disease is sexually transmitted, therefore, diagnosis and treatment is carried out in both partners. There are many types of candidiasis, but the most common is acute and chronic. The first is very well treatable, with the second often having difficulty, as there are complications in the form of infections of the urinary system.
  • Balanoposthitis. A very common disease that occurs in 11% of all men. It is divided into many forms, depending on the nature of the manifestations and ways of infection. Red spots on the head of the penis are observed in almost all forms. Candida balanoposthitis occurs most often and in addition to the rash, white pellets can be observed on the head and foreskin, which can be easily removed with a hand or water jet from the tap. Symptoms may also be aggravated by severe itching in the entire groin area. In advanced cases there is a sharp, sour smell.
  • Syphilis and gonorrhea. In some cases, the initial stage of gonorrhea and syphilis may be accompanied by a red spotted rash on penile head of men. To confirm the diagnosis, you need not only an examination by a doctor, but also a scraping from lesions, a smear from the urethra and blood tests.

It is proved that the red spots on the head and foreskin are much more common in men who have promiscuous sex and ignore the rules of personal hygiene.

Photo of red spots on the head in men

Diagnostics and Therapeutic Measures

Unfortunately, many men are in no hurry to see a dermatovenerologist when the first signs of a disease appear. This is especially true for candidal balanoposthitis, which is characterized by the sudden disappearance of all symptoms without any treatment. This is misleading for many, and they think that they have completely got rid of the disease.

In fact, candidal balanoposthitis requires proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment. In simple situations, you can get a one-time intake of systemic drugs with the active substance Fluconazole (Diflucan, Flucostat, etc.). Also good reviews use local treatment with the use of ointment Clotriloma and Pimafucin. Launched cases require long-term systematic treatment with antibiotics and antifungal drugs. In some situations, may resort to surgery to remove the foreskin. The best prevention and prevention of all types of balanopostitis is:

  • enhanced personal hygiene;
  • phimosis elimination;
  • protected sexual intercourse;
  • timely treatment to the doctor with the appearance of any symptom of the disease.

In some cases, the doctor may recommend frequent change of underwear and washing the penis with antiseptic solutions (chlorhexidine or furacilin).

Contact dermatitis cannot be eliminated until the lesions are no longer in contact with the allergen. Therefore, we remove the allergen, in severe cases, antihistamine medication may be indicated. But sexually transmitted diseases (especially syphilis) require complex and long-term treatment and even the disappearance of all the symptoms does not guarantee complete recovery.

Remember that red spots on the head of the penis is more than enough reason to go to the doctor. This can be either a dermatovenerologist or a urologist. It is better not to delay or hope for a miraculous recovery, if the symptoms do not go away within 2-3 days – visit the doctor!

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