What to Do if Skin on Hands Dries and Cracks?


Most of us have dry hands and cracked skin, especially in windy and frosty weather. This is a common phenomenon that is easily eliminated with moisturizers and warm gloves. But what to do when the skin on the hands, palms and fingers peels off and dries completely not from the weather? There are already some creams can not do, since there is a high probability of an allergic reaction or fungal infections. Not only can dryness and flaking cause aesthetic discomfort, cracks are also open gates for all sorts of infections, especially in cases where the skin dries and cracks to blood. That is why the problem in no case should not be ignored and, if possible, get rid of it as soon as possible.

Causes and Possible Diseases

Housewives with experience become frequent clients of dermatologist’s offices, as daily washing, cleaning and washing dishes lead to the fact that the protective layer from the skin over time is erased. The risk of infection with yeast increases several times.

The most common reason for which the skin on the hands dries and cracks is the weathering in cold weather. Especially often these symptoms are observed in people with dry skin, for them going out into windy or frosty weather without gloves can lead not only to dryness and peeling of the skin, but also deep cracks. Also provoking factors can be:

  • Fungus on the hands. People of all ages are subject to it, regardless of gender and nationality. Less commonly diagnosed in children under 10 years. The source of infection in 70% of cases is mycoses of the feet, from which the spread of fungus spores begins throughout the body. There are also a number of professions whose workers are in the risk group of the fungus of the hands – builders (those who deal with cement, mortars), confectioners, cooks and dishwashers. There are two types of fungus that most often affect human hands – dermatophytes and candida. The first are more common in men, the second in women. In both cases, the symptoms include dry skin, the appearance of scales, slight itching and burning. Candida is also characterized by weeping and whitish plaque in the lesions. Initially, the nail plates may not be affected, but any specks of yellow or white color or shape change indicate the penetration of the spores into the thickness of the nail.
  • Dermatitis. Most often, contact and allergic dermatitis can cause the skin on the hands to dry and crack to blood. Contact dermatitis develops only after direct contact with the allergen. It has an inflammatory process, swelling and redness of the palms and hands. Allergic dermatitis can be observed without direct contact with an irritant or an allergen. It is also characterized by swelling, redness, the appearance of small bubbles and a slight itching in the fingers and palms of the hands.
  • Eczema. In most cases, chronic eczema of the palms and fingertips is diagnosed. She is characterized by the appearance of desquamation, hyperkeratosis, swelling and soak of lesions. Almost always accompanied by severe itching. During the period of exacerbation, large cracks can appear on the palms and in the interdigital folds, the skin becomes thickened due to scratching, hyperpigmented.
  • Exfoliative keratolysis. Most common in young people. Characteristic differences – peeling and severe dryness of the skin in the summer. The first signs of the development of exfoliative keratolysis are the appearance of small blisters filled with air on the surface of the palms or fingers. Soothing factors may be soap, detergent or solvent. There is a tendency to a recurrent course, and the process can be activated within a few days after improvement. In such a situation, large cracks in the palms and in the interdigital folds are often observed. Severe itching occurs only in isolated cases.
  • Cold urticaria. Allergic reaction caused by exposure to external factors. Most often it is cold, damp or cold wind. A distinctive feature is a strong swelling and redness of the hands, dryness and flaking of the palms, blistering in open areas of the body exposed to low temperatures (even cold water can cause an allergic reaction). All symptoms appear in the first 15-20 minutes after exposure to external factors.

It is also impossible to exclude the dermatological manifestations of diabetes, which are characterized by local hyperkeratosis of the palms, wrinkling of the fingertips and dry skin.

Photo of Skin on Hands Dries and Cracked

Diagnosis and Treatment

When should I make an appointment, and which doctor? If the skin on the hands dries and cracks for a long time and the process does not subside even after applying moisturizers, then a visit to a dermatologist is recommended. First, it is necessary to exclude a fungal infection. For this, a lesion will be taken from the lesions and sent for microscopic examination. Secondly, you need to understand that in the presence of dermatitis or eczema, only an experienced dermatologist will be able to choose the right set of drugs that helps not only in exacerbations, but also “holding” the inflammatory process as long as possible. In any case, a visit to a dermatologist will definitely not be superfluous, since even the well-known psoriasis at the initial stage can cause dry skin and the appearance of small cracks on the hands.

If the cause of dry skin lies in the lack of vitamins, it is recommended to select the cream, which is based on vitamin F. You can also find it in vegetable oils and fish oil. It is recommended to carry out all homework in gloves, if possible to avoid prolonged contact with water. If the cause of cracks lies in an allergic reaction, then it is necessary either to get rid of the stimulus or to minimize contact with it. In cases where there is severe itching, peeling and painful cracks, the following ointments are indicated:

  • Bepanthen – 2 times a day;
  • Panthenol – 3-4 times a day;
  • Levomekol – 2 times a day in case of open wounds;
  • Actovegin – 2 times a day in the presence of severe inflammation;
  • Radevit – 2 times a day in the presence of swelling and strong redness.

Experts say that in most cases, dryness and flaking on the hands can be easily eliminated with proper care. Proper hand care involves avoiding injury to the skin and exposure to external factors (detergents, solvents, dyes, etc.). Proper selection of moisturizer also plays a huge role in preventing and preventing the appearance of peeling and cracks in the hands and palms.

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