Is It Dangerous to Face with Pubic Acne?


Of course, such a problem as a purulent pubic pimple is not accepted, but the problem still exists. The microflora of the intimate zone is quite specific, the skin is tender and sensitive, and the causes of pubic acne can be very different. What is the reason for the appearance of inflammatory foci in the bikini area, and how can you get rid of them?

The Reasons of Appearance

Purulent papules on the body, especially during puberty, are not uncommon. Quite often, ulcers appear in the intimate area. The main causes of their occurrence can be divided into two groups:

  • Acne cosmetic.
  • Purulent rash infectious nature.

In any case, it is better to contact a specialist who can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment. This may be a dermatologist, gynecologist or urologist, as pubic acne occurs in both men and women.

One of the most common causes is shaving the hair in the bikini area. Gentle and sensitive skin is irritated. To avoid this, you must follow the elementary rules:

pubic acne causes
  • use only a new, sharp, clean razor (preferably disposable), trying to avoid cuts and scratches;
  • shave during a shower or bath so that the skin is well steamed;
  • be sure to use foam or shaving gel that contain special ingredients that prevent irritation; it is better to refuse soap, as it dries the skin and provokes peeling in the groin area;
  • after the procedure it is necessary to use aftershave products, which soften the skin and prevent irritation;
  • Well, one last thing: even if you follow all the rules, growing hairs with rubbing with clothes damage the hair follicles and provoke the appearance of pubic acne after shaving, so you should try other methods such as hair removal, laser removal, etc.

Purulent boils in the intimate zone are also not uncommon. They occur at the site of inflamed bulbs, besides microflora and insufficient hygiene of the intimate zone contribute to the spread of infection.

pubic acne treatment

It is impossible to squeeze pubic pimples. If the rash is systematic and is accompanied by severe itching in groin area, this indicates a viral disease – pubic lice. The virus is transmitted sexually or by contact with clothing, towels and other household items. The disease requires serious treatment, so it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Genital herpes can provoke the appearance of pubic acne, an unpleasant infectious disease that has the same nature as herpes on the lips (as is known, the herpes virus is constantly present in the human body). But genital herpes spreads sexually, its symptoms are red acne with a watery bubble in the middle (very similar to colds on the lips). Inflammations are accompanied by severe itching and burning, and sometimes swelling of the skin surface. The appearance of herpes can also provoke colds, stressful situations, changes in hormonal levels during pregnancy and other factors.


The very first and most correct thing to do is to go to the doctor. In the case of a viral infection, the doctor will prescribe treatment, and only under his supervision can a positive effect be achieved.

In no case can you squeeze pubic acne, as part of the pus comes out, and part of it goes into the subcutaneous fatty tissue, and the infection quickly spreads. If single inflammations are not a consequence of a dangerous disease, you can try to get rid of pustules at home with the help of highly effective anti-inflammatory drugs:

pubic acne help
  • In order for the pus to completely come out, you need to apply Vishnevsky ointment, cover the place with a gauze napkin and seal the edges with adhesive tape.
  • Ointment Levomekol has anti-inflammatory effect, it should be applied to problem areas at least 2-3 times a day.
  • Treatment with iodine provokes the rapid maturation of the papules and disinfects the skin around, relieving inflammation; iodine should be applied directly to the inflamed area several times a day.

Aloe also has a bright anti-inflammatory effect; A small piece of aloe leaf with pulp should be attached to the problem area and secured with a napkin and plaster; within 2-3 days aloe juice will dry the abscess and relieve inflammation.

Before the acne is completely cured, whatever nature they may have, it is necessary to abandon shaving and other mechanical effects on the problem area, strictly follow the rules of hygiene.

After taking a shower, you can treat the intimate zone with a solution of hydrogen peroxide, calendula tincture, take healing and soothing baths with chamomile, a string, sage.

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