How To Treat Lichen in Child with Help of Folk Remedies?


For a group of diseases fungal, viral, allergic and autoimmune nature is characterized by the appearance of inflammatory spots or small itchy nodules. Treatment of depriving a child is difficult due to age restrictions that exist in relation to potent antifungal and hormonal drugs. The name of the disease dates back to the era of the ancient Slavs, who called “evil” all evil, superfluous. Deprive brings suffering to the child and the adult, but there are many means that reduce inflammation and alleviate itching.

What Do You Need to Know about Lichen in Children?

Various skin etiologies require specific treatment. If a child is infected, we deprive parents of their attention to the appearance of elements of a rash on the face, limbs and body, foci of hair loss on the head. Nodular and spotty eruptions are usually accompanied by itching, the skin changes color to red, pink or white, the formation of bubbles begins, peeling. Lichen treatment in adults and children is carried out only after determining the causative agent of the disease.

Ringworm is caused by dermatomycosis – trichophyton and microsporum. Parasitic fungi feed on skin protein keratin, which causes the body to respond. Deprive in this case looks like ring-like itchy spots on the body with peeling in the center. The color of the affected areas is pink, red; weeping may appear.

Children often suffer from parasitic microorganisms that belong to the kingdom Mushrooms (Mycota, Fungi).

Parents of a sick child should pay attention to areas of baldness in domestic animals. The average duration of the incubation period in the case of the fungal nature of lichen on human skin is about 4–10 days. Trichophytosis of the head is manifested by round bald spots two weeks after infection.

Signs of lichen on the skin of the body and dermatomycosis of the nails:

treat lichen in child

Pityriasis, varicoloured or sunny lichen is the result of the activity of the fungi Pityrosporum and Malassezia. There are small non-inflammatory spots, reddish color. When a person sunbathes, the affected areas of the body do not darken, so they look like bleached skin. The spots remain isolated or merge and form large lesions of irregular shape on the shoulders, back, arms and legs.

How to Treat Deprive a Child at Home?

The affected areas are treated with salicylic alcohol 2–3%, iodine tincture. With great care applied sulfur-salicylic or sulfur-tar ointment (allowed to 2 years). Used to treat depriving and more expensive external means – “Lamisil” or “Ketoconazole.” Most of these drugs can not be used if the child is less than 2 years.

Antifungal ointment for depriving children:

treatment of lichen in child folk remedies
  • Cream “Clotrimazole.” The active compound of the same name is active against dermatophytes and lichen-colored pathogens. The tool is applied two or three times a day, gently rubbed into the affected area.
  • Ointment “Mykoseptin”. Active ingredients undecylenic acid and its zinc salt. The tool is used for lichen, caused by trichophyton and dermatophytes. The ointment is applied to clean, dry skin twice a day for 10-14 days.
  • Cream or Terbinafine ointment. The active ingredient of the same name affects different groups of fungi, which are the causative agents of depriving the skin of nail and hair mycoses. The product is suitable for children over 2 years old. Apply once or twice a day to cleanly washed and well dried skin of the body or head.
  • Roxol ointment. Treatment of lichen in a child can be carried out with an ointment on the basis of the active substance Tripod Resorcin.

In Russia, in the course of clinical trials of readoxol ointment, 1% of researchers and doctors observed a pronounced therapeutic effect in 14 children who suffered from depriving (microsporia of the skin). Applied means on the affected areas twice a day for 14 days. In the control groups, griseofulvin was administered orally, external treatments with iodine preparations, and sulfur and tar ointment were performed. When it was treated with ridoxol ointment, itching disappeared more quickly, and the skin acquired a healthy appearance.

The child is prescribed medication for local use and for oral administration, taking into account the severity of the disease. The doctor determines the dosage and duration of treatment, taking into account the type of deprivation and the patient’s state of health. Children’s age up to 12 years is one of the most common contraindications for the use of potent antifungal and anti-inflammatory drugs. Therefore, a dermatologist should discuss with parents the question of how to treat versicolor in children, inform about the contraindications of prescribed drugs.

Auxiliary and Folk Remedies for the Treatment of Depriving of Lichen in Children

It is necessary to regularly disinfect and soften the affected skin. Tincture of calendula, chamomile extract, oils – olive, wild rose, St. John’s wort, sea buckthorn are used. Suitable for antiseptic treatment solutions and oil “Chlorophyllipt”, “Romazulan.”

Vitamin therapy and drugs to strengthen the body’s own defenses are especially important for chronic ringworms. If the child’s lichen has acquired a chronic form, then it is necessary to take care of improving the diet, diversify the menu with vegetables, fruits, give honey in accordance with age norms.

Fresh juices from fruits of red, orange and yellow color, green leafy vegetables are useful. They are rich in carotene, the precursor of vitamin A (retinol). According to researchers, a deficiency of vitamins A, E, C and zinc – the root of many problems of the skin. Sea buckthorn and sea buckthorn oil, carrots and spinach are rich in carotene.

How to treat lichen in children – 8 folk remedies:

treatment of lichen in children
  • Make lotions with propolis tincture.
  • Rinse the body and hair infusion of celandine or train.
  • Prepare a tincture from celandine – squeeze the juice from a fresh plant through gauze, mix with vodka (1: 1). Means
  • suitable for the treatment of various types of lichen.
  • Rub a mixture of birch tar with butter (1: 1).
  • Or mix tar for cosmetic use with beaten egg yolk and heavy cream. Means with tar should be applied to the patient for the night because of its strong smell. On top you can apply a bandage.
  • Wipe the lichen juice from fresh calendula flowers (suitable for children under 2 years old).
  • Dampen cotton wool with apple cider vinegar and apply it to the spots depriving the skin several times a day.

With insufficient care, secondary infection occurs. The child is combing spots, nodules and plaques, causing a bacterial infection. Then there is a need to apply antibacterial ointment, in severe cases, the doctor prescribes antibiotics for oral administration.

If we start treatment depriving a child in a timely manner, do not miss the next application of medicines and folk remedies, then the ailment disappears faster and does not give the child painful sensations.

It is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, comply with the requirements of hygiene, strengthen the immune system. Contagious contagious forms are transmitted from sick people and animals. Do not use someone else’s hair brushes, shared towels, clothing, slippers. It should prohibit the child to play with yard animals, treat fungal and other infections in four-legged pets.

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